Top Grade Up Close with the Patek Philippe “Breguet Numeral” Annual Calendar Ref. 5396 Replica Watches Online Safe

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-014.2

At this year’s Baselworld we watched the release of the Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 6006G, that gets about as near whimsical as a simple date and time watch from the newest can really get.The Calatrava Ref. 6000 that was introduced back in 2005. Aesthetically much like the outgoing 6000 series, the significant shift in the 6006 is the much-needed size update to 39mm from 37mm. I believe even those people who prefer a more timeless sized watch would concur that 39mm is a fantastic compromise for a contemporary dress watch. Besides, if you’re not fond of 39mm, I’m sure that you can come across an old 6000 outside there.Now, onto the dialup, which has four unique surfaces. The black, almost-grainy outermost ring signifies that the date in Arabic numerals and you’ll note the date hand pointing into the 18th from the image above. The red-lacquered arrow hand replaces the old lunar crescent, which I think is a good move here since the arrow fits the aesthetic layout of the watch more here. Moving inward from the date ring is your circular brushed hour ring employing a larger number font in Arabic numerals to indicate the hours.Moving further inward is the minutes scale, which is white (almost silvery) using a round guilloché pattern. This same layout extends into the seconds subdial that shares the ring pattern of the moments scale. You could even observe the round guilloché pattern extending out from the middle of the seconds subdial. This leads to a richly textured and vibrant dial that would otherwise collapse flat thinking about the two-tone color scheme here.You’ll observe the off-centered seconds subdial between 4 and 5 o’clock and this was one of the primary distinguishing features of the Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 5000, that was the watch which preceded the now-outgoing Ref. 6000. 5000 used the 240 PS motion, which was characterized by this off-center seconds sub-dial. Among the very welcome refreshes from the Ref. 6006 is the use of fresh wide, skeletonized hour and minute hands.

Introduced in 1996, the Patek Philippe Watch Owners Replica annual calendar has had a stellar run, becoming of the brand’s bestsellers. Thanks to its modular construction, the annual calendar mechanism has been fitted to a variety of base movements, but its most classic form is arguably the window-type display found on the various versions of the ref. 5396.

Last year the ref. 5396 got a facelift with Breguet numerals and dauphine hands, design elements found in many much loved vintage Patek Philippe watches, but rarely paired together. In fact, the new Annual Calendar ref. 5396 might be the first time Patek Philippe has combined the two. Traditionally Breguet numerals, essentially Arabic numbers in a calligraphic font, are paired with Breguet, leaf or spade hands, even on pocket watches.

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-014.2

Angular and rather large, the dauphine hands aren’t a natural fit for the Breguet numeral dial, though the result is still handsome, albeit modern looking rather than strictly classical. Being wide at their base, the hour and minute hands cover the top of the 24-hour sub-dial at six o’clock over several hours over a day; though the 24-hour indicator has limited utility.

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-014.1

Up close, however, both dials are beautifully detailed. The new Annual Calendar is available in two guises, white gold as the ref. 5396G-014 and the rose gold ref. 5396G-012.

The dial on the white gold model is a medium grey with a metallic, sun-ray brushed finish, giving it a restrained appearance. While the dial disc is brass, the applied numerals and spherical minute markers (which appeared pressed in from the back) are 18k white gold, as are the hands. The 24-hour indicator at six o’clock sits on a crisply recessed track that gives the entire dial a bit of depth.

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-014.3

On the rose gold version the dial is similarly constructed, though the surface is finished in grained silver instead. Notably, the recessed track for the 24-hour display is finished with fine concentric lines known as azurage.

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.1

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.3

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.2

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.11

Dials aside, both are identical to earlier versions of the ref. 5396. Typical of a Patek Philippe, the case is streamlined and elegant, being 38.5mm wide and a slim 11.2mm high.

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.4a

Inside is the calibre 324 S QA LU 24H that is built on Patek Philippe’s workhorse automatic movement. It’s carefully and concisely decorated, with all the details attended to, giving it visual appealing. But as with nearly all watches made by an established brand, the decoration is done in a workmanlike manner, combining both mechanical and manual techniques.

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.5 Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.6 Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.7




Take for instance the perlage, or circular graining, around the central axis of the rotor. It’s correctly applied with the outer edge of each circle just touching the centre of the next. But because the size of the circles are relatively large, the final circle does not overlap the first one.

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.8

Patek Philippe annual calendar ref. 5396G-012.9

Price and availability 

Both the Annual Calendar ref. 5396G-012 and ref. 5396G-014 are priced at SFr42,300 each, the same as previous versions of the reference. It’s available from Patek Philippe boutiques and retailers.