Benefits Of Buying Patek Philippe Introduces the Annual Calendar Ref. 5396 with Breguet Numerals Eta Movement Replica Watches

They want to voice their uber-conservative taste whenever possible for it is their convenient safe-place at which cosied up against the soft walls of watch taste conservatism, they’re free of producing a wrong call.Many more even refrain from diamonds onto an otherwise conservative-friendly Patek Philippe Watch Value Replica chronograph such as the 5170 — a much lass offensive design move, I would say, than the manufacture’s current foray into pilot watches. I belong to the particular bunch of horological outcasts. If we are honest, some watch that costs over, say, $1,000 is in one way or an excessive, luxury trait — and with this in mind (and especially when you’re paying into five figures), diamond hour markers seem more natural than ever.The 39.4mm-wide platinum case might just be 10.9mm thick — that the Patek Philippe 5170P gets proportions — but it still has considerable heft to it. Since the “P” in the reference number along with the weight over the wrist signify, this 5170 is crafted in the heaviest of precious luxury watch materials. This, in a Patek Philippe, farther involves a tiny diamond set between the lower lugs of the timepiece, nothing more than a reminder that you need only the best — and/or most expensive — the world has to offer.Speaking of the very best, the hand-wound Patek Philippe Caliber CH 29-535 PS is indeed among the best quintessential luxury chronograph movements, leaving no space for differing arguments or tastes. The poor horizontal clutch makes for an aesthetically superior caseback — these two constantly attached wheels on the left hand side of this movement on the picture above swivel ever so slightly to mesh with the chronograph seconds’ centre wheel once the chronograph is initiated.The column wheel is concealed beneath an extremely polished cap as seen on the picture directly above. It is an eccentric cap that allows for the fine-tuning of the aforementioned clutch — since you can see, there is a rather beautifully curved arm that connects the two meshing wheels with the column wheel itself.

First introduced in 1996 as the ref. 5035, the annual calendar has become Patek Philippe‘s bestselling complication. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the annual calendar at Baselworld 2016, Patek Philippe has given the classical ref. 5396 annual calendar a makeover.

One of the most traditional of the brand’s annual calendar watches, the ref. 5396 is distinguished by the twin apertures for the day and month, and the moon phase display at six o’clock – a layout that is reminiscent of the refs. 3448 and 3450, two of the great Patek Philippe perpetual calendars of the late 20th century.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar ref. 5396R-012

The face-lifted ref. 5396 looks even more classic, with the most significant change being the solid gold, applied Breguet numerals for the hours, a feature typically reserved for limited editions when used on Patek Philippe watches with complications. Those are paired with dauphine hands for a look that harks back to classic Patek Philippe watches of the mid-20th century.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar ref. 5396 Basel 2016

The case remains the same as that on the existing version of the ref. 5396, measuring 38.5 mm in diameter and typical of Patek Philippe, a slim 11.2 mm high. Inside is the 324 S QA LU 24H, a self-winding movement with a silicon hairspring.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar ref. 5396G-014 dial

Two variants of the new ref. 5396 are available. The first is rose gold with a silver dial, the ref. 5396R-012. And the second is the white gold ref. 5396G-014, featuring a dark grey dial finished with sunburst brushing. And note that both the existing, baton-marker versions of this model, the refs. 5396G-011 and 5396R-011 will remain in the catalogue.

The new ref. 5396 will retail for SFr42,300 including taxes, same as the existing versions of the reference.

Correction March 29, 2016: Model reference error amended.