Can I Buy Patek Philippe Ref. 5208T “Only Watch” Sells for US$6.2m Replica Watches Online Safe

It is likely to take a particular sort of buyer who likes the Patek tradition and wants a very simple dress watch but has also seen their share of watches that seem like heirlooms straight out of the boutique. I believe Patek Philippe would do well to earn a steel choice but for now it will only be available in white gold. Priced at only around $30,000, it is about what you’d expect for a golden Patek Philippe time-only watch. I’m tenuously positive concerning the opinion but it is a substantial sticker price for the quirky cousin at the Calatrava household. Auctions are ideal for this sale of special items which aren’t otherwise available on the market.For that reason, I look forward to the interesting watches that are contributed to the Only Watch auction series which is currently being run by the auction house Christie’s. Just Watch is an event that we have covered a good deal over the years on aBlogtoWatch, and the next installment of this biennial auction sale will occur at Geneva on November 11th, 2017. The sole Watch auction series is not as powerful an event because it used to be, but its principal theme is still respected. The notion is that watch brands publish unique watches created specifically to be donated and sold in the auction. These are exceptional prototypes or are the very first in a limited-edition series. The profits (minus all sorts of fees, I’m sure) are to be given to Association Monegasque Contre le Myopathies (AMM) whose goal is to fund medical research to help treat a form of muscle dystrophy.Only Watch is just as powerful as the watches that are given by watch brands. All these are tax write-offs in addition to a means to gain promotion and an ego boost. Brands like to see their products go under the gavel and get bought up by collectors. That said, there’s nothing to stop brands from bidding on their own watches either directly or by means of a proxy. So, in my opinion, the actual numerical value of what the watches end up going for in the auction should be taken with a grain of salt. That same doctrine ought to be applied to the outcomes of every auction, as they merely represent what one purchaser, who happened to be current, was willing to do on that day.

The top lot at Only Watch 2017 was, predictably, the Patek Philippe Used Watches Sale Uk Replica ref. 5208T grand complication in titanium. Carrying an estimate of a piffling SFr900,000 to SFr1m, it sold for SFr6.2m, all fees included. That’s equivalent to US$6.2m, and just below the SFr7.3m price of the one-off stainless steel ref. 5016A the Geneva watchmaker put together for Only Watch two years ago.

Spirited bidding from several familiar room bidders from the Middle East, Europe and Asia helped carry the ref. 5208T to its final price, with the last two bidders tussling for the watch being Asian. Eventually the victor was the phone bidder represented by John Reardon, the head of Christie’s watch department.

Patek Philippe 5208T Only Watch 2

Already priced at just shy of a million dollars at retail for the ordinary platinum version, the ref. 5208 in titanium is unusually modern in style with its carbon-fibre inspired dial, but light in hand and pleasing to the ear; the titanium case makes a tremendous difference to its acoustics.

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With the beat-up Daytona “Paul Newman” once owned by Mr Newman himself having just sold for US$17.5m last month, the titanium Patek Philippe feels almost like a good buy.