Born in 1963 in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona replica watch has gone through more than fifty legendary journey load, with reliable performance and become an outstanding racing chronograph favored areas.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona (rose gold), buy rolex replica watches this figure can be seen around the surface of the watch dial ring surrounds all five group “ROLEX” Laser lettering.

Basic information Brand: Rolex Series Daytona Series Model 116515LN chocolate dish Black Circle Collection


Crystal & bezel

DAYTONA table mirror flat glass surface, clear and transparent, up bezel edge about 1.5mm; lens periphery polished, rounded transition, smooth tentacles. Viewed from the side slightly whitish, unlike the general table mirror seen in light brown. After opening the chronograph second hand mirror below the long mirror in the babble is almost close to walking, the sound of endless, giving a strong sense of shock. Hood Found about 38.6mm (without Shoulders), pour down broadside surface, equipped with gray scale and text. The table with this rarely used vehicle speed lap, intended to show that a certain kinship themselves and famous events. The outer surface of the mirror-polished, lightly touch Nianman fingerprints.



Disk set has a black face three eye small white circle drive time, at first sight really was unexpected, there is no natural elegance usually see code table. Of course, this remains unchanged after several generations old head, but also everywhere embodies the Daytona family stereotypes and heavy, which is called “Vulgar Daya also.”

Three white concentric ring-shaped radiation pattern and glowing bright metallic color, slightly lower than the overall black dial. The rings are small text printed and scale, 3:00 bit timer, 9:00 digit scoring six points to go second, go on the second ring also printed a small ring red –DAYTONA. This classic black and red with the interpretation to the extreme, restrained low-key, Jun then flavored. Interestingly, in particular about the symmetrical design of the watch, the center of the disk Daytona timing and scoring circle but slightly higher than the dial, which is also to identify some low-end one of the most intuitive way of imitation goods.

Dial font is quite elegant, whether the lower end of the crown Arial “ROLEX” characters, or a large section of the standard function described below, the disk clean and clear. In this water-absorbent glazed poor disk, but a cross-pricked printed characters meticulously, no ink spills, blurred lines, and other defects, visible Rolex unusual skill. The second hand on the dial length 18.5mm, slim sharp tip of the arrow-shaped front, rear hotsale rolex replica wathces prism balance blocks, polished, triumphant light.

A slight gap between the watch dial ring with the panel, but it is hard to find an edge. Bushing surface surrounded around all five group “ROLEX” laser lettering, distribution, above the crown logo, compared with the prefix code, content and correspondence cards underneath. 116 520 116 610 lettering relatively small some even more.


Housing with raw ear overall length 46mm, the thickest of 6mm. The entire front bezel is overshadowed by the huge, almost difficult to glimpse the real capacity, two-phase junction faint seam, it is inevitable filth. Rounded transition junction, lugs process was particularly mellow, just like as it is loaded models. Housing both front and side with cover ring, the plain mirror polished, silhouette lesson. Housing and other contact with the skin at the bottom but uses an annular fine lines brushed, bottom flat, down the ladder, only high 2.5mm, several side with the Department of Health and Apex. Gear chamfered edges were done, no dawdling sense Chela. While Daytona overall thickness of 12.5mm, but thanks to the arched shape of the housing and the flat bottom so extremely comfortable on the wrist, shaking balance, paste hand, there is no sense of space and cumbersome.