Corum – Golden Bridge Joachim Horsley Replica For Sale

It’s rare for a music concert to be interrupted so that a new watch can be presented, but nothing seemed more logical in the case of Corum’s presentation of its latest Golden Bridge model during a concert at the legendary Folies Bergères in Paris. The watch is dedicated to Joachim Horsley, a name that you may not know but which is behind the music scores for Dreamworks films and arrangements for Michael Bublé and John Legend, amongst others. The man himself was visibly overwhelmed when he saw the watch and the audience quickly forgave the intrusion at the sound of a Reuge mechanical music box faithfully reproducing Horsley’s quirky melodies. The music box, with interchangeable cylinders, is part of the packaging for this high-end timepiece.

The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronographs certainly stand out as classy and tasteful but it is the simplicity of the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto models that really catch my attention. Corum finds its stride when sticking to a nautical motif, and such models illustrate that point absolutely. While definitely not as complicated or refined as something such as the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck, the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto provides a good alternative for someone with an affinity for sea-themed watches and who does not mind a little extra colour in the palette.The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto watches have been paired with either a wealthy blue or handsome brown alligator leather strap. The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph in stainless steel additionally receives a grim alligator leather strap although the rose gold variant receives a black one exclusively. Pricing for the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto is $3,600. Corum might not be the first manufacturer that pops into your head when searching for a quirky piece, but the launch of this new Corum Bubble watches warrants their name being on the list of brands to take into account. The bold, totally cohesive approach to the look of the modern classic guarantees that this iteration of the Corum Bubble will polarise opinion from the race for wrist space as it did upon its début. It’s certainly not for everybody, but there is more to the generation of bubbles than meets the eye. In the following guide, I will take a brief look at three distinct versions, all of which are limited to only 350 pieces each. The Corum Bubble Sphere2, the Corum Bubble Drop, and also the Corum Bubble Paiste have came.

Golden Bridge Joachim Horsley

Reuge mechanical music Box © Corum

Together with the likes of footballer Djibril Cissé (an avid collector of Corum’s Bubble watch, who was also present at the concert) and other ambassadors for the brand, Joachim Horsley is a perfect fit with Corum’s refreshing and off-beat take on the world of luxury watchmaking. Simply listening to how Horsley manages to seamlessly combine the undertones of classical music from the likes of Mahler and Bach with scintillating Cuban rhythms was enough in itself to make you forget all your troubles. It also explains how Horsley has amassed 10 million views on his YouTube channel in just six months. “It goes to show that one can break boundaries with a classical background while taking an audience to new, previously unexpected horizons,” explains Corum’s CEO Jérôme Biard. “At Corum Watches Price Replica we are taking this same path in watchmaking. It was a natural partnership. It is an ode to creativity, to non-conformism, and to celebrating new possibilities.”

Golden Bridge Joachim Horsley

Joachim Horsley and Jérôme Biard © Corum

The new Corum Golden Bridge Joachim Horsley edition is another great example of this non-conformism. Its baguette-shaped movement, aligned vertically top to bottom inside the rectangular case, is unconventional and immediately stands out. It also leaves either side of the case completely free for artistic expression, which in this case is particularly accomplished with an architectural and three-dimensional arrangement of highly stylised Roman numerals. It is available in white or rose gold and is the first Corum watch to have a metallised engraving on the case back. In this case it is an extract of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony but it could just as easily be any other musical score, motif or initials.

Golden Bridge Joachim Horsley

The new Golden Bridge Joachom Horsley Edition © Corum

This is just a foretaste of where Jérôme Biard is taking the brand. Expect a complete overhaul of the brand’s visual identity at Baselworld, as well as a number of exciting products that WorldTempus has already had a sneak peek at. We will bring you a full interview with Mr Biard, outlining his objectives for the brand, during Baselworld.