Cartier – Panthère Royale Replica Buying Guide

The Panthère Royale watch reigns supreme with a satin finished dial that twinkles with brilliant-cut diamonds. Set in a three-dimensional sculpture, this miniature bas-relief recalls one of the creature’s earliest appearances on a sapphire brooch created for the Duchess of Windsor in 1949.

It is a very delicate jeweller’s work, while having complex forms and proportions. The diamonds conjure illusions of depth and dimension from the bezel to the glittering lace of the motif, and the wild cat is ablaze with the fire of diamonds.

>Cartier was attentive to the fact that men, interested in, let us call them, ‘the greater watches’, were educated about timepieces, compared to average Cartier Watches Repair Replica client was and these guys were more interested in the quality of the movements. An assortment of limited edition and restricted made watches, housed in Cartier’s classic cases like the Santos, Tank, Tortue, but more significant, powered by high end mechanical calibers produced by famous watch manufacturers, such as Cartier.Piaget, JLC, Frederique Piguet, Gerald Genta and others all delivered these quality calibers for this top of the line collection. The superb finishing of these moves, was done by Cartier and has been visible through the back, because lots of the models had a glass to see the movement. A feature that was fairly unusual at that time. Collection Privée was however, too limited in amounts to be a real success, because lots of the versions were only produced in 100 pieces, although Cartier had over 200 brand Boutiques at that moment. An individual would expect that my WIS (View Idiot Savant) buddies in the GTG meetings could be exited about the bits I showed, but was only partially true, since another trend was popular among these men; ‘in-house movements’. A grail watch needed to possess an in-house movement to be the real thing (deal).During that the Collection Privée interval, 1998 — 2008, Cartier often faced problems in obtaining all of the parts in their suppliers and it often occurred that a watch was released later than planned, because of the fact that some components weren’t available in time, to finish the watch.

Panthère Royale