Selection – Four watches with a bestiary dial Replica Buyers Guide

Whether wild, vulnerable or endearing, animals are a motif that many watch brands choose to highlight on their watches through a fascinatingly varied display of jewelry expertise and other forms of craftsmanship.

Slim d’Hermès Marche du Zambèze – Inspired by a Hermès silk square, this 39.5mm white gold 12-piece limited edition features a miniature painting in which a zebra, elephants and a leopard share the space on the white dial with exotic foliage, swept over by two hands. CHF 65’000.–


Slim d’Hermès Marche du Zambèze © Hermès

Jade Jellyfish – Hours, minutes and seconds each find their place on the champlevé enamel dial, where the brand’s cherished maritime theme is given a resolutely feminine touch with the soft colors of the jellyfish, the swirling diamond tentacles as well as the diamond-set bezel framing the white gold case. CHF 45’500.–


Jade Jellyfish © Ulysse Nardin

Entire books have been written about Cartier and even about the Cartier Tank watch itself, and the simple narrative that Louis Cartier established the Tank design on the shape of WWI tanks found on the Western Front is most likely familiar to many readers. Cartier made clocks, pocket watches, and women’s wristwatches earlier wristwatches for men began to catch – and when guys did start to wear wristwatches, Cartier played a major role in their wider adoption and the Cartier Tank was an important part of the transition out of pocket into wrist.The first wristwatch for men is sometimes believed to be the Cartier Santos out of 1904, designed by Louis Cartier – at least, this started to help enhance men’s wristwatches. It was surely one of the earliest watches designed as a wristwatch, rather than a pocket watch adapted with straps to the wrist, or “strap watch.” In 1916, The New York Times admitted that wristwatches were a passing fad, and WWI watched soldiers starting to strap watches to their wrists for sensible reasons.Louis Cartier (1875–1942) made quite a few watches that are nonetheless part of Cartier’s lineup now, including the Santos, Tank, and Tortue. At that point Louis perhaps thought the future of wristwatches supposed non-round cases. This would also help distinguish them in the round pocket watches that had simply been accommodated to your wrist. In 1919, a total of six Tank watches were created, but an icon had been created, and new variations have followed frequently since – you can view more about early twenties along with other early Cartier men’s watches here.

Panthère Royale – Sculpted in white gold, studded with diamonds and black lacquered spots, the panther sits enthroned like a guardian of the hours and minutes driven by a quartz movement. The 36mm case unfurls in circles set with brilliant-cut diamonds. CHF 117’000.–


Panthère Royale © Cartier

Château de Môtiers 40 – Miniature painting is a tradition that goes back two centuries at Bovet, which nonetheless innovates with this 40mm red gold timepiece on which this technique is combined with a luminescent material enabling the butterfly also to shine by night. CHF 50’350.–


Château de Môtiers 40 © Bovet