Cuff bracelets – The trend gathers pace Replica Wholesale

Last year, Chanel was responsible for making cuffs inspired by the 1960s and 70s one of the hottest trends of the year, with bold and sexy leather cuffs, gladiator straps and gloves that paired XXL accessories with the dainty and diminutive J12 XS watch. Hermès, with its Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie, also offered a small-format women’s watch set off by a broad leather strap tooled according to the company’s saddlemaking heritage, in a rather fetching shade of green.

As the new year dawned, Geneva watch week gave us the opportunity to confirm that cuff bracelets are still holding their own among this year’s novelties and that, far from being merely an accessory, they are part and parcel of the charm of the watches themselves, to the point of becoming inseparable, even indispensable.

Can you conceive of HYT’s Skull Axl Rose without its blue-topstitched black leather cuff, to match the black DLC titanium case with blue PVD Damascus steel skull? The iconoclastic spirit of the Guns’n Roses singer, rock legend Axl Rose, informs the dark timepiece he had specially created for him; he chose the clous de Paris motif that flanks the central skull at 3 and 9 o’clock. The 51 mm diameter of this muscular, macho watch needs a black leather cuff. Axl Rose has generously agreed to share his passion – his watch is available in a limited edition of 25.

The trend gathers pace

Hublot has chosen to adorn its lady clients’ wrists in rabbit fur. Never shy of exploring new materials, Hublot has adopted Orylag, a French trademark named after a breed of rabbits whose silky soft pelt makes an exceptional fur highly prized by the grand couture houses. Importantly, these animals are not slaughtered solely for their fur: their flesh is favoured by some of the finest chefs, and they are kept in conditions that meet the highest ethical standards. The Big Bang One Click Cuddly Click is the name of a women’s Big Bang 39 mm in brushed steel, with a bezel set with 42 diamonds, and an automatic movement with date function, mounted on a choice of three bracelets that can be swapped around easily thanks to the patented One Click system. The silky Orylag fur is worked by artisan furriers, and offers graduated colours in base tones of grey, turquoise and fuchsia.
The trend gathers paceThe trend gathers pace

In the high jewellery category, two cuff creations stand out from the crowd. The first is the Panthère Astrale by Cartier. The time is read off a dial decorated with a black lacquer motif, under a huge rectangular yellow heliodore weighing 27.14 carats. The rest of the white gold cuff plays up the contrast between black and white by means of 27 onyx, 931 brilliant-cut diamonds and a single 0.29 carat baguette-cut diamond with, to either side of the heliodore, the iconic Cartier Watches Expensive Replica panther paved with precious gems in a geometric motif.

The trend gathers pace

The equally bejewelled and sculptural Diamond Outrage watch by Audemars Piguet revisits the cuff shape, adding diamond-studded spikes like icicles. This one-off piece is offered in either diamonds or blue sapphires. The white gold framework of the bracelet is hidden under almost 10,000 snow-set brilliant-cut diamonds of different sizes (or more than 11,000 sapphires, in the blue version). The diamond version also features three spikes invisibly set with baguette-cut diamonds. The watch is hidden under the flattest section of this glacial bracelet. The octagonal white gold case, paved with diamonds or sapphires, conceals the quartz calibre 2701 that drives the hour and minute functions.

The trend gathers pace
Entire books are written about Cartier as well as about the Cartier Tank watch itself, and the basic story that Louis Cartier based the Tank design on the shape of WWI tanks found on the Western Front is most likely familiar to many readers. Cartier made clocks, pocket watches, and women’s wristwatches before wristwatches for men started to catch on – and if guys did start to wear wristwatches, Cartier played a major role in their broader adoption and the Cartier Tank was an important part of the transition out of pocket into wrist.The initial wristwatch for men is sometimes said to be the Cartier Santos from 1904, made by Louis Cartier – at least, this started to help enhance men’s wristwatches. It was surely among the earliest watches designed as a wristwatch, instead of a pocket watch accommodated with straps for the wrist, or “strap watch.” In 1916, The New York Times admitted that wristwatches were more than a passing fad, and WWI saw soldiers starting to strap watches for their wrists for practical reasons.Louis Cartier (1875–1942) designed quite a few watches which are nonetheless part of Cartier’s lineup today, including the Santos, Tank, and Tortue. At that time Louis perhaps thought that the future of wristwatches supposed non-round instances. This would also help differentiate them from the round pocket watches that had just been adapted to your wrist. The first Cartier Tank watch was made in 1917 and the story goes that those first models were given to General John Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force and his officers. Back in 1919, a total of six Tank watches were created, but an icon had been established, and new variations have followed regularly since – you can view more about early Tanks and other ancient Cartier men’s watches.
The trend gathers pace

Tourbillon – Mysterious bridges Replica Buyers Guide

Tourbillons spin around their own axis. But what do they spin on? Like any moving element, they need something to hold them. In fact, they are attached by very slim and delicate elements, whose volume is generally stripped back as much as possible to provide a good view of this tiny but very prestigious system, and also to give the watchmaker access for assembly, adjustment or repairs. These are the tourbillon bridges, and there are usually two of them: one above and one below. This sandwich is what defines the structure of the tourbillon cage. With two bridges, the tourbillon is solidly attached, and it’s the easiest configuration to produce. If the bridges are slender, they don’t obstruct the cinematic view of the tourbillon, and they also offer a canvas for the brand’s aesthetic expression. Of all the components of a movement, the bridges are the part that typically receives the greatest care and attention. They are often angled, bevelled, chamfered and mirror-polished to a very high degree. Their shape is an expression of the style of each individual brand.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Minute Repeater Tourbillon, with classic tourbillon © David Chokron/Worldtempus

But the upper bridge is in fact not strictly necessary. A tourbillon can be held in place by the lower bridge alone. This is known as a “flying tourbillon” – a term invented to describe a construction devised by Alfred Helwig, a watchmaker from Glashütte in Germany, in 1920. The advantage of this kind of tourbillon is that the cage itself and its decoration are in the foreground, with nothing to obstruct the view. It is also slimmer, which is why it is often found in ultra-thin systems. But it is also more fragile, because it has just one anchor point. And if the design could be said to have a weakness, it is that the entire mass of the tourbillon is cantilevered over one small contact point. When the watch is held vertically, the tension on the lower bridge of the tourbillon is considerable.

Part of this Tank’s history is that the many significant 20th century figures who have worn it. We will not (can not) list all of them here, however monarchs, politicians, and true icons of music and sports have aided the tank reach its standing and are testament to its achievement. These weren’t “new ambassadors” as we know them now, but true lovers of the watch – or those simply following a fashion, such as Andy Warhol, that apparently did not keep it wound onto his wrist.Cartier Tank watches have included a range of moves over their history, and the earliest versions used manually wound Jaeger moves. The very first Cartier Tanks were somewhat stouter than the perfectly (in my opinion) tasteful proportions of the Tank we understand now, best exemplified by the Tank Louis Cartier that was first introduced in 1922. I have been not able to pinpoint exactly when the predominance of Breguet pomme-style palms gave way into the sword-shaped hands most widespread on Cartier watches now. Though technically a newer model, the modern Cartier Tank Solo XL is similar in layout to the Tank Louis Cartier and does a fantastic job, I feel, of representing its heritage.Cartier’s present Tank collection includes six versions: Anglaise, Americaine, Française, Louis Cartier, MC, and Solo. Once more, that the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic in steel on a leather strap represents the brand’s most economical mechanical men’s watch. For the album, the cheapest men’s watch overall is no, not the quartz Tank Solo, but the Cartier Ronde Solo quartz watch observed below at around $2,600. With a 36mm-wide (6.6mm-thick) steel case (30m water-resistant), the Cartier Ronde Solo quartz watch is little for a great deal of modern men’s tastes however is easy, with no fuss, and provides a lot what many men and women need out of Cartier.

Louis Vuitton Escale Spin Time Tourbillon Central, with flying tourbillon

For this reason, some companies have chosen to combine the slenderness and agility needed for a flying tourbillon with improved weight distribution, which is necessary for high precision and chronometry. In the absence of an agreed technical term, they are often called semi-flying tourbillons. Jaeger LeCoultre, for instance, uses one in the Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon. They call it a “mysterious gyrotourbillon”. Indeed, it looks like its sole connection to the movement is through its gears, which is simply not possible: gears are not anchor points! In fact, the movement does have a bridge. It is located in the centre of the tourbillon, whose height effectively conceals it. The fact that that the tourbillon revolves constantly around three axes makes it even more difficult to see.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon, with semi-flying tourbillon © David Chokron/Worldtempus

Bovet has engineered a similar solution, using a single-axis tourbillon. The bridge holds the cage in the centre, with the balance wheel above and the escapement below – the two vital organs of the watch. The latest iteration of this tourbillon features in the Virtuoso VIII model. There is no transverse bridge on top, just a three-dimensional cage with elegantly arched spokes, rounded and highly polished by hand, and excellent stability in every position.

Bovet Virtuoso VIII