Limited Edition Watch Series:Breitling Navitimer Battle of Britain Men’s Replica

Marking 75 years since the Battle of Britain began, Breitling men’s replica watch have created this special 75 piece limited edition which will help raise funds for the Royal Air Force Benevolent fund. The RAF and the Battle of Britain crests feature on the subdials, and also on the caseback.  It is available on a leather strap or Navitimer bracelet as pictured. As Breitling have only produced an extremely limited quanitiy of this model, Banks Lyon have just one piece available.
Limited Edition Watch Series:Breitling Navitimer Battle of Britain Men's Replica
This mens Navitimer Battle of Britain copy watch , you might have noticed, is not your average Navitimer. Marking 75 years since the Battle of Britain began, this is part of a limited edition that will raise funds for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, the RAF’s leading welfare charity which provides financial, practical and emotional support to the whole RAF family.

This version of the Breitling Navitimer Replica has both official Royal Air Force Battle of Britain 75th anniversary crests in a rare execution across the sub-dials at 3 & 9 o’clock, while the caseback has an anniversary crest alongside the unique edition number of each timepiece.

Launching the special Navitimer on Friday July 10th – the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain’s start – Breitling put on an impressive show of just how deeply they are respected in the world of military aviation; the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight dropped in after their formal flypast over Buckingham Palace (where surviving members of “The Few” were being honoured), while MH434 provided an escort for the journey to North Weald, one of the key fighter stations in the battle.
Limited Edition Watch Series:Breitling Navitimer Battle of Britain Men's Replica

Funds raised through a 10% donation from sales of the watch have been earmarked to help develop and run two seaside respite apartments for serving members of the RAF and their families. The best fake Navitimer Battle of Britain watch uk Limited Edition Series will be sold exclusively through the Breitling replica watch Boutique and stockists in the UK.

Detailed Review With The Breitling Navitimer Mens Replica

I have a new Breitling Navitimer replica review, this time written by an actual reader of my blog. I’ve always appreciated having a second opinion on a watch and this time one of my readers has sent me and email with photos of his watch accompanied by some insightful comments.
I am pleasantly surprised when I see that my readers are interested in finding the best Breitling mens replica. This one, Jay, seems to really know what he’s talking about. Just a few weeks ago I received an email from him telling me that he bought one of the Breitling replica Navitimer watches I recommended. Once his order arrived, he was impressed.
Detailed Review With The Breitling Navitimer Mens Replica
The Breitling Navitimer is one of the most iconic watches. It was launched in 1952 and it was created for pilots. Its predecessor was the 1942 Chronomat. The first Navitimer, the 806, soon became the official timekeeping instrument of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. The Navitimer was upgraded in 1969 when they switched to the Caliber 11 movements to function fully automatic. It was in the 1990s when this model started to take off and became popular to finally reach the level of popularity it has today. There are many models available from the Navitmer collection, but Jay chose one of the Breitling replica watches I also have, the Breitling Navitimer Chronometre 01 46mm.  Here’s what he’s saying about it, along with a few comments of my own.

About this Breitling’s looks and feel, Jay says that it features  3 sub-dials that are silver instead of white, while the numbers on the 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock dials are wrong. Even so, they all work.  The dial at the 3 o’clock is a 24 indicator for the actual time of the watch. The dial at the 6 o’clock position is the seconds one and the dial at the 9 o’clock position is the minutes one for the chrono. Another small flaw is that the dials are bunched together to close when they should be closer to the slide rule markings. Also, the white for the slide rule should be brighter and more crisp and the date should be black with white numbers.
Detailed Review With The Breitling Navitimer Mens Replica

Jay says he only spend $200 on this replica watch and that he sure is happy he chose this one. He got it from Perfectwathes, but he says that the pictures on the website don’t do this watch justice. It looks much better in reality, even with those small flaws. He says that it’s the nicest watch in his collection and that he has some Swiss watches that are authentic. He wanted A Navitimer since he was a teenager, but didn’t want to pay an amount that big on a watch. So, a replica was a better choice and in the Breitling replica review that he wrote in the email, he mentioned that even with those small inaccurate things it still is a great watch for any collection.

Indeed, this is a good looking watch. As you can see in the pictures, it has a black dial and a stainless steel polished bracelet. Even if Jay says that it should be a 43 mm, as far as I know, 46 mm is the right size for this model. I can’t say too much about this Breitling replica’s movements because I didn’t check it myself, but I know that it has a Japanese automatic self-winding movement.

This Breitling Navitimer replica has some small flaws, just like Jay mentioned, but, even so, it’s a great piece. It has a detailed dial that’s hard to replicate, but the manufacturers of this watch did a great job with it. I know that is has a nice weight and it dresses well any wrist.

Overall, this Navitimer looks pretty good and I was excited to read this Breitling Navitimer replica review written by one of my readers. You can see that he has a passion for luxury watches and it’s nice to find people with the same hobbies like you, as you probably already know. So, thank you, Jay, for taking the time to write this email and send it to me with picutres and all.