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The question is; will this be the start of a new trend or will this Piaget continue to stay as it was intended, a Piece Unique? Classic dress watches like the Altiplano are usually bought for their sense of understatement. With the PVD treatment, this understatement will be even more significant because now also the precious metal case goes hidden under a matted black layer.

As an ultra-thin watch, a PVD treated Altiplano with a matted black dial and gold hands might be a beautiful addition to Piaget’s current collection. Moreover, why should the brand stop there and not go for the ultimate understatement and unite several areas of expertise in one watch? Caliber 838P, the 2.7mm thin manual wind movement that Piaget uses in the Only Watch 2011 is also available in a non-PVD. Besides the ‘normal’ version, Piaget also has an entirely ‘iced’ version of caliber 838P in the Piaget Altiplano Gem-Set Skeleton.

It will be very interesting to see if this Piaget will indeed be the first of more, whether this will be the beginning of a wide trend or the opening of a small niche in the world of (ultra slim) dress watches.