Corum – Heritage Sublissima Replica At Best Price

Heritage Sublissima

Housed in a 38 mm diameter case available in white gold or pink gold, The Heritage Sublissima watch is made for women with an elegant and delicate vision of modernity.

Sourced from the ocean depths, the white mother-of-pearl dial is protected by an antireflective sapphire crystal and ringed with a corolla of 25 diamonds (~6.16 ct).
The automatic movement offers an hour and minute function with gold hands and a 50-hour power reserve.

The Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender is an Admiral’s Cup in case alone. Nothing regarding the motion or presentation particularly feels just like a logical expansion of the Admiral’s Cup DNA. Something like this could make much more sense being within an Romulus collection. It doesn’t seem fair that the comparative prevalence of the Admiral’s Cup line has made it the breeding ground for almost every new notion Corum wants to discharge. If they wish to analyze their own past, Corum will discover that they’re a brand of excellent design creativity and aesthetic ingenuity. I truly want them to reunite the Admiral’s Cup to a location of some authentic marine or yachting differentiation and create new visual references for bits it needs to incorporate a tourbillon chronograph into.I’ve never really been a lover of watches with aluminum instances because of their fragility. Corum has promised the aluminum version of the watch has some type “ceramisation” as a coat to offer you the dark gray tone. Is that supposed to mean there is some kind of ceramic coating on the case to make it strong? I’m unsure and that isn’t exactly what they say. Although I can say I am further not a massive lover of matte finished gray surfaces either for watch cases. In a nutshell I believe Corum has really been missing a layout chance with its high-complication piece in this way. Save whatever character the Admiral’s Cup collection has left and make it amazing collection again. If it has to do with tourbillons or usage of novel materials and production techniques, perhaps designing a new set is a much better thought than coming up with names like “Seafender” that I’m sure most will assert don’t have any firm being paired with a tourbillon to begin with. Price for the Corum Admiral’s Cup Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender watch is 50,900 Euros in the aluminum case, 78,500 Euros from the 18k red gold case, also 225,500 from the 18k red gold case with diamonds.
Heritage Sublissima

Heritage Sublissima, or rose et or blanc © Corum

The precious watches are paired with a black alligator-skin strap with a gold pin buckle, which gives character to the timepiece’s combination of sensitivity and sensuality.
The two Sublissima models are issued in 8 pieces in 18K pink gold and 18 pieces in 18K white gold.