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Not only back, but again with decent prices. In fact, besides some minor alterations along with a case size that has been increased to 47mm wide from 45mm wide, the 2015 Corum Bubble is quite similar to the way it was when Corum decided to stop it. Also, even though the instance is larger (and seems really large) the Corum Bubble wears smaller than it’s with snub lugs along with a case that wraps round your wrist nicely. With that said, I am quite sure you can imagine that using a name like the “Bubble,” this watch is thick. The sapphire crystal is 8mm thick and also the total Corum Bubble watch is 18.8mm thick – but at a trendy way.Corum got the first idea for the Corum Bubble out of a prototype dip watch meant for extreme depths. It may very well have been a Rolex. The thick crystal acted to distort the dial, and Corum just sort of played that and generated “bubble-style” hands and hour markers which look interesting with a little bit of distortion. The curved edges make that potential, but also give the timepiece a pleasure, almost cartoonish appearance that has appeal to many people. The dial and event silhouette collectively have made the Corum Bubble among the very distinctive “enjoyable” high-end watches round, and I am very happy to see that Corum realized quitting it was a mistake. It is totally possible that the Corum Bubble watch collection needed a break, and I am happy to see it go back for its 15-year anniversary.

Bubble watches, blending creative energy and rebellious spirit, allow Corum to break the rules of luxury watchmaking and create a language that is unique to the range. From this perspective, the brand gives free rein to artists coming from very varied backgrounds (art, photography, sport or even music) to reinterpret a collection in their own image. After Matteo Ceccarini, Matt Barnes, Juliette Jourdain, Booba, Dani Olivier and Elisabetta Fantone, to name but a few, the Maison now chose American artist Nelson De La Nuez, the King of Pop Art, to re-imagine his own models and create his own exclusive collection.

New partnership with Nelson De La Nuez

Nelson De La Nuez © Corum

Not just back, but back with decent prices. In fact, aside from some minor changes and a case size that has been improved to 47mm wide from 45mm wide, the 2015 Corum Bubble is quite similar to how it was when Corum chose to stop it. Additionally, even though the case is larger (and seems really big) that the Corum Bubble wears smaller than it is with snub lugs along with a situation that wraps around your wrist well. That said, I am pretty sure you can imagine that with a name such as the “Bubble,” this watch is thick. The sapphire crystal is 8mm thick and the entire Corum Bubble watch is 18.8mm thick – but in a trendy way.Corum got the original idea for the Corum Bubble out of a prototype dive watch meant for extreme depths. It can just happen to be a Rolex. The thick crystal flowed to distort the dialup, and Corum just kind of played that and generated “bubble-style” hands and hour markers which appear interesting with a little bit of distortion. The curved edges make that possible, but also offer the timepiece a pleasure, almost cartoonish look that has appeal to many men and women. The dial and event shape collectively have made the Corum Bubble one of the most distinctive “enjoyable” high-end watches around, and I am very glad to see that Corum realized discontinuing it was a mistake. It’s entirely possible that the Corum Bubble watch set needed a break, and I am pleased to see it go back for its 15-year anniversary.

Upon closer inspection, one might wonder why the partnership between Corum and Nelson De La Nuez hadn’t occurred earlier, as it seems inevitable that their two worlds would meet, something that struck Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum, while visiting an art gallery: “Nelson De La Nuez is one of those artists who doesn’t follow trends, who creates his own universe by gathering inspiration from his surroundings and always manages to be innovative”.

New partnership with Nelson De La Nuez

© Corum

By entrusting the King of Pop Art with the keys to create this new collection, Corum once again sets itself apart by not simply absorbing works of art but by allowing its Bubble watches to become art. Currently in the making, the complete Corum Bubble collection by Nelson De La Nuez will be revealed to the public at Art Basel Miami in December 2017. In the meantime, watch the video below to have a glimpse of the artist’s style.

Corum – Large Bubble Magical Matt Barnes Replica Trusted Dealers

Corum is a Swiss luxury watch brand and has been founded in 1955. The very popular watch show is the Admiral’s Cup but Corum Watches 1358 3atm Replica has also had success with the coin watch for example. This timepiece was released in the 1960s and has been famous because of its manual wind or quartz movement inside a $20 or a $10 coin. Corum is also admired for world premiers where each year limited editions are sold out shortly once they are available on the industry. Severin Wunderman acquired Corum in 2000. Last year, the Korean brand introduced a redesigned version in a more traditional round case. At this year’s Baselworld watch honest, Corum introduced yet another variant of the Golden Bridge, in a brand new, Art Deco-influenced square instance. The baguette-shaped, linear-oriented, manual-winding motion, Caliber CO113, is visible in the center of the open dial and boasts a high amount of engraving and finishes on its 18k gold bridges and plate. It’s surrounded on either side by 18k gold constructions representing six Roman numerals whose curved shapes and rivets call to mind the architecture of a bridge. The movement’s timekeeping functions are on full screen, together with the spring barrel at 6 o’clock feeding power into the escapement in 12 o’clock. Caliber CO113 includes a frequency of 28,800 vph (4 Hz) and a power reserve of 40 hours.

Matt Barnes is a photographer based in Toronto. Fascinated by all pop culture influencers, vintage and modern alike, he has notably photographed Snoop Dogg, Bradley Cooper, Nick Wooster and Lexi Belle, among others.

Matt Barnes also produces films as part of his visual media activities. Coincidentally, he filmed a video starring Elisabetta Fantone, who is also a Corum ambassador.

The Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender is a Admiral’s Cup in case alone. Nothing regarding the motion or demonstration particularly feels like a logical extension of the Admiral’s Cup DNA. Something like this would make much more sense being in a Romulus collection. It does not seem plausible the comparative prevalence of the Admiral’s Cup line has made it the breeding ground for almost every new notion Corum Watches Limited Edition Replica would like to release. If they wish to analyze their own past, Corum will discover that they are a new excellent design creativity and aesthetic ingenuity. I truly want them to return the Admiral’s Cup to some location of a actual marine or yachting distinction and make new visual references for pieces that it wants to incorporate a tourbillon chronograph into.I’ve never really been a lover of watches with aluminum instances because of their fragility. Corum has claimed that the aluminum version of this watch has some type “ceramisation” as a coating to offer you the dark gray tone. Is that supposed to mean there is some kind of ceramic coating in the case to make it powerful? I am not sure and that is not precisely what they state. Though I can say I’m not a huge lover of matte finished grey surfaces either for watch cases. In a nutshell I believe Corum has really been missing a design chance with its high-complication bit in this way. Save whatever character the Admiral’s Cup collection has left and make it amazing collection again. If it comes to tourbillons or usage of novel materials and production techniques, possibly designing a new set is a much better idea than coming up with titles such as “Seafender” which I am sure most will argue don’t have any firm being paired with a tourbillon to begin with.
The first major change is the diameter: The new releases quantify 47mm wide and an impressive 18.8mm top. Smartly, though, the lugs are short and curved to allow a close fit to the wrist. Of the 18.8mm of elevation, 8mm of that is down to the sapphire crystal. This is seemingly no mean feat: getting a perfect finish on a Sapphire part of the thickness, curvature, and necessary consistency is real challenge. Corum Watches London Replica accomplishes this unusual effect by beginning with a block of crystal clear and grinding it to some bubble-like contour, before polishing to absolute clarity.To get the most out of this attribute, the designers of this Corum Bubble watches, chose to fit the timepieces with “Op-art” (optical-art) dials. These clever patterns give the feeling of movement, as well as shadow and depth. Though level, the dials have a level of presence. There will be two Corum Bubble Op-Art watches available in a limited run of 350 bits each: The Corum Bubble Drop watch has a brown PVD-coated case plus a “ripple” effect dial; the Corum Bubble Sphere2 is coated in blue PVD and features an “atom-inspired” pattern on the dial. Both watches use Super-LumiNova on the palms. The Op-art dials are inspired by the work of Victor Vasarely, a French artist of Hungarian descent and the founder that the Op-art movement. The magnifying sapphire crystal has this affect on the horizontal dials that they appear to be aggressively domed themselves. With this particular design leaping from the watch, it is a lot easier to understand this crazy contraption has numerous lovers the world over. Both watches are fitted with straps topped with leather, with a buckle matching their individual case finishes. The straps start out at 24mm between the lugs and taper to 20mm in the buckle.
There’s a great deal of debate on the subject of watches as art. Although a watch needn’t be art to be of note, I’m a firm believer in their potential to straddle the bounds of purpose, form, and philosophy where appropriate. In the instance of those Corum Bubble watches, it seems to be a brand’s effort at creating a pristine objet d’art. It’s correct, the Corum Bubble watches aren’t really like anything else the brand makes (or much like whatever anyone makes, for that matter), but they’re intended to be beautiful items, that is something that they have in common with different timepieces bearing the Corum logo.The dedication to the sphere in these bits is unwavering. In my opinion, this collection works simply because it is so unconcerned with anything but the most loyal realisation of its own unique idea. To take advantage of this re-release chance, Corum has partnered with famous cymbal producer Paiste. Paiste are enlisted to create a unique dial to get the Corum Bubble Paiste unique edition watch. The dial of this Corum Bubble Paiste is a tiny cymbal made by Paiste at exactly the same manner they would make a full size cymbal. I am quietly confident it would work as intended were it removed from the home and attached to some kit, but even if it’s only for display, it seems great.
Although legibility might be somewhat influenced by the distortions brought about by the heavily domed crystal, Corum Watches 2014 Replica addresses by providing the Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon big leaf-shaped palms adorned with white Super-LumiNova. It is an automatic movement that relies on a micro-rotor for twisting. The micro-rotor features the Corum key in 18k red gold. Power reserve is a very respectable 72 hours, and also the movement beats in 3Hz. After all, the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon is a fairly unusual watch. However, Corum’s boldness to go against the grain and its almost reckless attitude toward design also makes it very cool, especially for watch lovers who appreciate some quirkiness and individualism. The simple fact it’s a exceptional piece is simply the cherry on the cake. The Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch is priced at 103,000 Swiss francs (approximately US $100,500). Though Corum has done some interesting work with their Bridge collection throughout time, it’s the Admiral’s Cup that marks the newest strongest and most recognizable design language. For 2016, Corum has released the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Automobile and Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph watches which function as a fantastic counterpart to some of the more unusual pieces like the Bubble watch which has been reintroduced last year. We’ve got four interesting watches to pay here, so let us begin.

Describing himself as a man with his head in the clouds but his feet on the ground, he joins Corum in a spirit of innovation that combines old and new.

It is really about time Corum returned the most popular Bubble watch – a timepiece collection that originally came out in the year 2000 and served a significant modern role in the brand’s history. Eventually, the Corum Bubble watch collection was discontinued, probably because Corum started to go a bit nuts with a few silly limited edition models – which, looking back today, are pretty damn cool. For Baselworld 2015, the Corum Bubble is back, and I finally have reason to pay attention to the newest again.I recall a couple of years ago meeting Corum in Baselworld and inquiring about the Bubble and if we might see one again. Someone sneered in my remarking that “we don’t think that is right for the brand anymore. We have moved past that.” “Okay…” is all I could respond with, and we moved on to watching more new variants of this Admirals Cup and Golden Bridge collection. I’ve always enjoyed Corum, but within the last few years, the fun side of the brand appeared to be decreasing and being substituted with a great deal of ill-conceived high-end watches which did nothing to serve the image of their brand. I feel that the previous time I wrote about Corum was back in January of 2014 when I had a less than optimistic view of this Corum Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender. Later, the brand decided to adhere double tourbillons into an Admiral’s Cup view, and with their new possession by China Haidian Holdings, I more or less assumed the brand’s appeal for watch enthusiasts was (at least temporarily) over. So you can imagine my delighted surprise to hear that the Corum Bubble is back.
We have two versions of the Corum Watches 20 Gold Coin Replica Admiral Legend 42 Auto. Right off the bat, you will notice the iconic twelve-sided bezels on those stainless steel pieces that measure in at 42mm. You have your choice of a deep blue or white dial, along with the sapphire crystal it is double anti-reflective-treated. With an overall water resistance rating of 50m for the circumstance, we would have expected for a little more out of a watch geared toward people who prefer to be about water.The dial is graced with a colorful variety of nautical flags which bring a wonderful flare to the table and blend nicely into the theme of the eye – and at 3 o’clock, an abysmal date window concealed is at one of the flags. The Rhodium-coated dauphine hands are skeletonized and treated with Super-LumiNova as a tiny minutes is at work above 6 o’clock. The rear of the case receives a sapphire crystal to show off the movement here as well. The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Auto watches are powered by the CO 395 that supplies a 42-hour power reserve. The CO 395 is truly a foundation ETA 2895, also Corum has engraved the rotor on this occasion.The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronographs maintain the 42mm sizing, but include one stainless steel version while introducing another similar variant equipped with an 18k red gold bezel, crownmolding, and pushers for added class. The stainless steel version offers a rich blue dial while the red gold is paired with a simple black background with each showcasing date, time, and chronograph counters. The date window for these variants is not integrated into the dial in addition to the three-hand versions so you can’t miss it nestled in between 4 and 5 o’clock. The chronographs shed the water resistance rating to 30m and maintain a sapphire crystal case back. The movement shown off is the CO 984 that defeats at 4Hz (28,000vph) using a power reserve of 42 hours.

Corum Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon With 45mm Case Replica

The Corum Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45 Replica successfully packs a tourbillon escapement and a minute repeater complications in a 45 mm 18-carat red gold case without making it look like a mirror-polished rose gold Big Mac on your wrist.

I must admit that the current trend of supersizing ultra-luxury timekeepers looks distasteful (putting it mildly), but I understand the reasoning behind the gadget: there are a lot of wealthy customers that sincerely believe that an expensive wristwatch that costs almost like a fully loaded Lamborghini must also be large and, preferably, contain enough gold to pay international debt of a small African nation. In this case, Corum simply follows the money.
Corum Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon With 45mm Replica
Okay, at 45 mm in diameter (that is, without the crown and lugs) and, at first glance, more than 15 mm in height, the watch is huge. However, with its hand-wound Corum CO 010 caliber measuring only 32 mm in diameter and 5.35 in height, it seems that one of the most attractive models in Corum’s whole range of men’s watches is actually huge by choice like a professional body builder or a USMC sergeant.

On the other hand, designers of the Swiss watchmaking brand somehow managed to make the Corum Admiral’s Cup skeleton replica watch well-proportioned so that it looks quite home on a normal wrist.

However, what is really interesting about this watch, it is its minute repeater winding mechanism.

As you can see, the CO 010 movement is extensively skeletonized and is completely visible not only through the transparent case-back cover, but also from the front: the watch sports a third, smoked sapphire crystal that acts as the timekeeper’s dial.

Of course, there is a cut-out in it in order to provide a completely unobstructed view at its nicely executed tourbillon module.

Corum Luanches Luxury Bubble High Jewelry Skeleton Replica Watches

We know there are Corum Bubble lovers out there. In fact, there is an entire sect of what could be called “Bubble-risti”. Since the wildly outrageous Corum Bubble replica watch was launched in the year 2000, the watch has achieved an almost cult-like status.

Corum Luanches Luxury Bubble High Jewelry Skeleton Replica Watches

Over time, the line slowly devolved — to the chagrin of many. Then, at last year’s Baselworld, Corum marked the return of the Bubble replica watch in honor of its 15th anniversary. A clamor of joy could be heard around the world and the brand knew bringing the collection back was a genius move. Since then, there have been several important new editions -but this year’s may top them all.

Here at Baselworld 2016, Corum unveils the dazzling Bubble High Jewelry Skeleton replica watches — a trio of three incredibly alluring diamond- and gemstone-set Bubble watches with open-worked, ultra-thin movements that are also meticulously set with stones. The three versions are each one offs: rubies; blue sapphires; black sapphires. Baguette-cut diamonds and gemstones mark the hours, as well.

Corum Luanches Luxury Bubble High Jewelry Skeleton Replica Watches

In fact, each Corum Bubble High Jewelry Skeleton replica watch is set with131 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial, another 42 on the bezel, and the added colored gemstones. This means that each 18-karat gold watch is bedecked with well over 5 carats of stones — a nice workout watch for those who are lucky enough to get their hands on one of these beauties.

Corum Luanches Luxury Bubble High Jewelry Skeleton Replica Watches

In the new millennium of Corum Bubble High Jewelry Skeleton replica watch, under the direction of then-owner Severin Wunderman, a new age emerged. That age ushered in the Bubble. While a significant departure from the more classic Corum replica watches, it took hold as well – shaping desires of collectors forever.