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An Wonderful part in 2010 was the Rotonde Grande Complication. This year however, Cartier prepared a massive presentation for the media, to present the 2015 version of this Rotonde Grande Complication (under), with no way another dial color, or alternative case, but a very different watch with: Perpetual Calendar, Minute Repeater and Flying Tourbillon. Powered by the new skeletonized automatic standard 9406MC, with a dual platinum micro-rotor. The Grande Complication was rewarded with the Geneva Seal.Since 2007, Cartier’s group of watchmakers constructed (created) an impressive collection of approximately 40 different calibers, from the fundamental 1904MC to the exact high-end complicated 9406MC. All watches at the top line have in-house calibers and in a few decades, the whole mainstream collection will do too.Thank you for reading and don’t forget that the new ‘your wife loves so much’, has changed to this genius watchmaker that you should pay attention to, once you’re considering high end watch making!This article was written by long-time Cartier specialist George Cramer to get Fratello Watches. George is currently a contributor to Revo-Online, Revolution Magazine and runs his own site as well where he keeps track of his various contributions about Cartier and his other (primary) interest, independent watchmaking.Cartier is a top French luxury manufacture of watches and was set in 1847. Today, Cartier belongs to the Richemont Group (Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Panerai, Piaget). Cartier watches are collected and admired by celebrieties, royals, rich aficionados and enthusiastic watch collectors alike.

Cartier liberates the exquisite splendour of this unusual ensemble of 32 cushion-shaped emeralds for a total weight of 38.20 carats in this piece of art.

Upon encountering this extraordinary set of Zambian emeralds, the designers of the Maison immediately grasped the need to showcase the entire ensemble within a suitably sized mounting. The verdant pastel hue of the gemstones reminding foliage, the designers selected a papyrus motif, a favoured form in drawings from the Cartier Archives. They chose to creatively interpret the papyrus flower, a decorative motif typical of ancient Egypt, liberally redesigning the papyrus leaf into a broad form flaring outwards in a stylised and modern dynamic rendering.


SIHH 2018 – Unisex beauties Replica Expensive

There’s been a quiet (r)evolution: many brands are no longer differentiating between men’s and women’s watches. So, what do they call them? Just – watches. These days, it seems to be practically a given that, under certain conditions, a watch is a unisex object.

There, I’ve said it. As yet, virtually none of the brands have uttered the term “unisex”, but that’s what we’re talking about: the timepiece as a beautiful, sexless object. For him or for her? That’s a question that the brands themselves no longer attempt to answer. For once, they leave that up to the client. It’s for the client to decide whether their purchase would better suit a masculine or a feminine wrist, or both. If May 1968 was about sexual liberation, perhaps January 2018 will mark the start of a unisexual revolution?

Finding the right balance

Let’s take a look at Vacheron Constantin. The new Overseas watches, for instance, may well showcase the manufacture’s rather masculine sports chic vision, but the collection’s new perpetual calendar is an ultra-thin watch, just 4 mm deep. In the past, its 41 mm case diameter would have clearly signalled a male client base, but its slender profile and gold livery mean it looks equally good on a woman’s wrist.

Unisex beauties

Overseas ultra-thin perpetual calendar © Vacheron Constantin

It had been hot like hell and became the most copied watch. It was likewise that watch that made me interested in the history of the brand, because the seller explained that the design was inspired from the very first men’s wristwatch, started by Cartier at 1904. So you can imagine it did not take long before I became obsessed with chains generally, especially with Cartier.At that time watch forums were just becoming popular, watch magazines were still uncommon and watch blogs like Fratello and Hodinkee didn’t exist yet. But what we had about in 1995, were the ‘Get Togethers’ along with other watch enthusiasts (fanatics). All these GTG’s were organised by collectors themselves and so were always very funny. Everybody brought a few pieces from their collection and also heaps of beer and wine, we chatted about the various versions until late in the evening. But always the very same brands got all of the attention and for me it was quite frustrating that one just paid attention to my Cartier watches, to be polite. The word ETA was constantly mentioned like these were inferior movements and too frequently I heard quotes like; ‘my spouse would love them’

The weight-loss regime has had a similar effect on Cartier. In the new Drive extra-flat, the manufacture has found the perfect profile. With no complications and no superfluous thickness, the new Drive gives full expression to its design aesthetic, in a new, subtle and sophisticated unisex size. It’s a perfect piece – balanced and just right. This new version demonstrates in an intelligent way that beautiful need be neither masculine nor feminine. It’s just beautiful.

Unisex beauties

Drive ultra-thin © Cartier

Even Panerai, that champion of aquatic virility, is placing its hopes in the Due line this year. Depending on your point of view, it’s either the most urban, or the least nautical collection. What no one will dispute is that it’s a slimmed-down collection and, in red gold, like the Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic (PAM00756) in 38 mm, it looks fabulous on any wrist. Men, women – it really doesn’t matter.

Unisex beauties

Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic (PAM00756) © Panerai

Squaring the circle

Unisex styling is most commonly found in round watches. It’s the shape most easily shared by men and women. Nevertheless, in the collective unconscious some shapes are more masculine, and others are more feminine. The square, for example, is traditionally a masculine shape. Bell & Ross are the textbook example, with their macho BR-01 references that cemented the brand’s reputation.

At SIHH 2018, Hermès went completely in the opposite direction. The Carré H, created in 2010, is back in centre stage. Now larger in size, it has a polished, microblasted finish, and the dial features a square guilloché motif. At the same time, perhaps to offset all this angularity, the brand has softened the corners of the square, the curved profile of the case and the convex crystal. The end result (which measures no more than 38 mm on a side) is balanced and… unisex.

Unisex beauties

Carré H © Hermès

Vintage for one, vintage for all!

The ascent of the unisex watch may also have something to do with the vintage vogue. Vintage watches are, by their very nature, unisex: they are moderately sized (38 to 41 mm), they have few complications, and a restrained, classic design. Vintage works well for both sexes, because it’s all about the era, not about the gender.

Unisex beauties

Reverso Tribute Duoface © Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre has taken this on board, refocusing on the Reverso Tribute Duoface, a re-issue of the original model. The manufacture has updated it with a strap made by renowned bootmaker Casa Fagliano. There’s a similar story at Piaget, where the iconic Altiplano, born in 1957, still graces the wrists of both men and women six decades later, and continues to break records. The same goes for the two-handed model known as the “Andy Warhol”, created in 1973, which remains in the current catalogue. Thanks to its stone dial, it remains a uniquely powerful unisex classic. Looking ahead, it remains to be seen how the new watches revealed at Baselworld will tackle the unisex market.

Unisex beauties

Light-weight watches – Weighing up the options Low Price Replica

For all types of sports watches, weight is the enemy of performance. In search of superior functionality, more comfortable wear and better differentiation, many watch brands have declared war on weight. It has been going on for fifteen years, and there’s no end in sight. The goal of eradicating every superfluous gram is being fought through metals and composite materials.

Weighing up the options

Montre Santos-Dumont © Cartier

It’s important to realise that the pursuit of ever-lighter weights has gone hand-in-hand with inflated volumes and multiplying functions. A small steel watch with a diameter of 34 mm, on a nylon strap, weighs around 50 grams, which many of these brands would consider record-breaking territory. But these watchmakers are generally active in the ultra-sport watch segment, where diameters of 45 mm and automatic movements mean that weights of 150 grams and above are not out of the ordinary. New alloys and materials are being sought to mitigate the weighty side-effects of contemporary design. The Graham Chronofighter Oversize Superlight Carbon is a prime example: thanks to its composite case reinforced with carbon nanotubes, it weighs just 96 grams. To take a different example, the Cartier Santos-Dumont, which is big and made of rose gold, weighs just 70 grams because it is extremely thin.

This year however, Cartier Watches Ireland Replica ready a huge presentation for the press, to present the 2015 variant of the Rotonde Grande Complication (under), by no means another dial colour, or alternative case, but a very different watch with: Perpetual Calendar, Minute Repeater and Flying Tourbillon. Powered by the newest skeletonized automatic caliber 9406MC, with a dual platinum micro-rotor. The Grande Complication was rewarded with the Geneva Seal.Since 2007, Cartier’s group of watchmakers constructed (created) an impressive assortment of approximately 40 different calibers, from the basic 1904MC into the very high-end complicated 9406MC. All watches at the top line have in-house calibers and within a couple of decades, the entire mainstream collection will perform too.Thank you for reading and do not forget that the new ‘your wife loves a lot’, has changed to this genius watchmaker you ought to pay attention to, even when you’re interested in high end watch making!This article was composed by long-time Cartier specialist George Cramer to get Fratello Watches. George is a contributor to Revo-Online, Revolution Magazine and runs his own site as well at which he keeps track of his various gifts about Cartier and his other (main) interest, independent watchmaking.Cartier is a leading French luxury manufacture of watches and has been founded in 1847. Cartier watches are gathered and admired by celebrieties, royals, rich aficionados and enthusiastic watch collectors alike.
Weighing up the options

Chronofighter Oversize Superlight Carbon © Graham

Let’s have a look at the weight of the raw materials themselves. The steel most widely used in watchmaking, and the material most watch cases are made of, is type 316 L. It weighs 8 grams per cubic centimetre. Titanium is 4.5, and aluminium is 2.7 g/cm3. The latter is consequently highly sought-after, but the problem is that it is soft. Even if it can be protected against scratches, it dents relatively easily. For that reason, it is often combined with other more technical materials, which are harder to work, such as magnesium or zirconium (yes, it’s a metal!). But when the surface is hardened, through thermal or chemical treatments, exceptional results can be obtained. The F.P. Journe Octa Sport weighs 53 grams total, thanks to the use of an aluminium alloy in both the movement and the case.

Weighing up the options

H1 Alumen Blue: : its case is an alloy of aluminium, titanium, magnesium and zirconium © HYT

But alloys are not the only route to lightness. Composites and ceramics are just as effective, if not more so. However, they can be extremely costly to implement. The advantage, however, is that these materials help to solve the problem where it matters most: on the cases. In terms of weight, movements are pretty light, particularly if the manufacturer makes the effort to reduce their mass further through skeletonisation, or by abandoning the automatic option – the oscillating weight, after all, is … a weight.

The technical ceramics used in watchmaking are pretty light. The most common is zirconium dioxide, which weighs 5.89 g/cm3. Aluminium oxide is 3.97 g/cm3. Despite that, ceramic watches are not sold on the basis of their reduced weight, and for good reason: because ceramic is so hard, it is used for the larger sports watches, where records are largely out of the question. We always come back to the same equation.

Composites currently have the wind in their sails, since they come in infinite varieties, and are used in many cutting-edge industries. A composite is composed (hence the name) of several materials, whose properties and advantages are combined. One typical example marries the rigidity of carbon fibre with the solidity and hardness of plastic. In the most extreme cases, the plastic is the PEEK (polyether ether ketone) used by Panerai and Hublot. But other composites are used. For instance, the Ceratanium used by IWC is a cermet, a composite that combines an aluminium lattice with ceramic. But the examples are too numerous to mention.

Weighing up the options

Luminor Marina 1950 Carbotech™ 3 Days Automatic © Panerai

The most effective method is to combine the strengths of the material, and eliminate weight wherever possible and by whatever means. The Richard Mille RM27-01 uses a suspended skeleton movement which has virtually no baseplate. The case is made of a composite material stuffed with carbon nanotubes. The movement weighs 3.5 grams including its tourbillon, and the complete watch weighs in at a featherweight 19 grams. By using carbon filled with graphene, a material known as Graph TPT, the RM50-03 McLaren, a tourbillon flyback chronograph measuring 44 x 50 x 16 mm, tips the scales at a very moderate 40 grams. In these cases, the weight is inversely proportional to the cost. But that doesn’t apply everywhere. One notable mass-produced exception is the Swatch Sistem 51. It’s automatic, made of plastic, Swiss Made, weighs 43 grams, and costs only 150 francs.

Weighing up the options

RM50-03 McLaren © Richard Mille

Cartier – Interview with Arnaud Carrez Swiss Movement Replica Watches

Cartier has relaunched the Panthère, and it’s identical to the watch you debuted in 1983. Why?
Because it’s fine as it is. Of course, we did ask the question at the time of the relaunch. We said, this watch hasn’t changed since 1983, except for the Santos centenary celebrations, with the Santos Demoiselle. We like it, it’s right. We have plenty more collections that evolve, just not the Panthère. So, while we have no plans to develop the object itself, we will be evolving the way we approach people, the way we communicate. With this watch, we will be working on the concept of transmission. We are in the process of implementing a completely new communication concept, at the request of [Cartier CEO] Mr Vigneron. Also, it’s important to remember that we’re looking at this through a European lens. For some markets, this watch is totally new. It’s completely unknown in China! Interestingly, there’s only Europe, the United States and Japan that are familiar with the watch. It is present in the collective unconscious, in the minds of the retailers who knew it back in the day. It’s also been very well received by the lifestyle press.

In ten years, Cartier Watch 95336 Replica has evolved from a jewellery watch brand to a genuine watchmaker, with the widest price differential between the top and the bottom of your ranges in the entire industry. Have you perhaps taken the brand beyond the limits of what is sensible?
That’s a very good question. In my opinion, and I’m not the only one to think this, we went too far. We stretched the brand. The entire watch industry, Cartier Watches In Dubai Replica included, told itself that anything was possible, that we could have a go at every price point, every category, regardless of the essence of the brand. We’re aware of that, and we are in the process of evaluating the last ten years. It’s true that we focused strongly on men’s watches, with haute horlogerie and sports watches. We are repositioning, returning our focus to what we are really about, the founding tenets of our company. Our point of departure was as a jeweller; we came to watchmaking later. That is what defines our watchmaking identity. We are a women’s brand, and we fully recognise that. Women are our priority. This is a genuine shift. We are focusing primarily on women, because that’s what Cartier is all about. Our approach to men will be from the point of view of a women’s company that makes men’s watches. Cartier’s masculinity is not like that of other watchmakers. There are some places we will not go, places that are not Cartier.

Interview with Arnaud Carrez

Like what? Muscular design? Testosterone-fuelled creations?
Yes. I’ll give you an example: the Calibre de Cartier Diver. I wear it, I love it, and I’ve sold it [Arnaud Carrez was responsible for the Swiss market and for Hong Kong]. But when you see it in our fashion shoots, worn with a dinner jacket, there’s something that just doesn’t fit. We have to accept that it’s a sports watch. Otherwise, we find ourselves in alien territory. What I like about the Panthère is that it is a jewellery watch. If you look at how we have staged the watch since the fair opened, its story resonates perfectly with what we are trying to say with our jewellery.

You mentioned repositioning: what do you mean by this, exactly?
It’s not a defensive repositioning. Repositioning doesn’t mean that we’re retreating back into ourselves, that we’re going back to all our existing models. We will continue to push forward. We have always created new forms, and we are committed to continuing this. We’re going to try to continue to surprise you.

Yes, the element of surprise is what brings people to Cartier’s watchmaking presentations. “What will they come up with this time?” This year, that element of surprise wasn’t there.
The Cartier Watch 26/50 Replica Tank Solo XL Automatic view was released in 2012 and added a bigger, mechanical solution to the quartz Tank Solo. The Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic originally featured the automatic Cartier 049 calibre, which is an ETA 2892. But, Cartier has confirmed with us that when the Cartier Clé introduced the in-house 1847 MC movement in 2015 lots of basic versions were fitted with the new movement – including the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic. The 1847 MC movement is seemingly positioned as a workhorse to take the area of ETA movements found in a variety of Cartier collections, and with a diameter of 25.6mm, it is going to fit about everywhere an ETA 2992 or 2824 would. Bidirectional automatic winding, 42 hours of power reserve, operating at 4Hz with fundamental seconds and date are all welcome contemporary features and appropriate for an entry level set. The Cartier 1847 MC seems to largely receive just basic decoration, but you won’t find it here anyway due to the solid caseback of this Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic. An in-house movement should include value and interest for enthusiasts, and more so since the change out of a sourced movement was not accompanied by a shift in price.Standard to get a contemporary luxury watch, antireflective sapphire crystal protects the dial, and the crown using its faux spinel cabochon is basically unchanged from the earliest Tanks. The dial is exactly what Cartier requires silvered opaline, also it supplies a satiny background for the shameful Cartier Roman numerals with no shiny reflections to hamper legibility.
The Panthère was not the kind of surprise you were expecting, but it was still a surprise! Since Monday, most journalists have been telling me, “I was expecting anything but that.” We haven’t shown you everything. We haven’t brought out the big guns! This watch will be the icon of a new generation. It won’t be easy, but it will gradually gain traction. This launch runs counter to everything that is happening in the watch market.

Will you be bringing back Brigitte Nielsen and the first Mrs Trump?
(Laughs) No, there is no nostalgia. We won’t be reusing photos from the 1980s. We have always been a pioneer. The Panthère will embody many of the values that are important to us.

What do you intend to do with the small and large complication men’s watches, of which you have many?
This sector is a very good example. A common complaint, when we were launching lots of new references, was that these products were drowned out by the company narrative, like the big launch of the Calibre. We love our small complications, but they slipped through the net. We didn’t make the most of what is a very convincing and competitively priced range. There were too many invisible launches. We put the watches in the display cases, but we didn’t back them up. And when we’re not the most obvious choice for a men’s watch, it doesn’t work. We will learn our lessons, and come back with something else. We have to contextualise it in a wider rethinking of our brand. Classic watches, yes. Complications in support of design, yes. But not the other way around. Not 25 complications on a round watch. But men will have other things to look forward to.

Some brands have significantly slimmed down their ranges. Will you be doing likewise?
Of course. I can’t give you a final number, but we are in the process of doing that. There are variations in size, dials, gem-setting. We’ve been working on this for some time. We have a hundred Ballon Bleu references, and we don’t need that many. Tank is the best example. We have cut down the number of stories. You’ll see, when we come back to the centenary of the Tank in the second half of this year, it will be very simple.

Interview with Arnaud Carrez

Are you doing anything with your distribution network?
Yes. We are consolidating. Given the historical context, it makes no sense to open any more, and that includes our own-brand boutiques. We have fewer than 300 boutiques. I’ll give you a concrete example. In Australia we are currently renovating or opening several shops, because we need more support there for our Chinese clients. In Europe, we have closed many smaller boutiques, but we are strengthening our presence in the Middle East, where we were one of the first to open a branch. We have reopened the Mansion [Cartier’s 5th Avenue store in New York] after three years of renovations. It’s the biggest Cartier Watches Zurich Replica boutique in the world.

The American market still seems to be in the doldrums, even though the economic situation has clearly improved. Why hasn’t the market taken off?
I think it’s a very tricky market. We tend to think of it as an extension of the European market, but the American perception of luxury is very different from ours. We tended to apply certain formulae, whereas the rules of the game over there are more complex than they appear. For instance, they have a very pragmatic, very local vision of luxury, and purchasing behaviours that are very different from ours. Look at digital, for example: our industry has not dealt with that issue at all well. There is room for much greater collaboration with the US. The good news is that it was actually the American press and American retailers who asked for the Panthère watch. Our collection resonates perfectly with what they want.

Are you working on the digital side? Will you consider online sales through dedicated e-commerce providers such as Yoox or Net à Porter?
We’re not obsessed with being the first. If and when we do it, it has to be done properly. We can’t approach an e-commerce company that doesn’t know our environment, our culture. 

And yet there are some major luxury brands with a very strong image that sell through these sites, even though they cannot control the environment. Why is watchmaking the only luxury sector that refuses to consider it?
That is increasingly less true. The reasoning of the watch industry has always been: my shops, my retail network, and a bit of e-commerce on the company website. That was the business model, but it is changing. Watchmakers can’t continue to live in their bubble. When you have double-figure sales growth, questions like this are less pressing. We launched our first e-commerce site in 2008, beginning with Japan, before expanding to the United States and then Europe. And we know that that’s not all there is to online sales, that there are other ways of doing it.

Cartier – The Low Price Replica

The “Panthère” collection stays true to its original design with a old link bracelet, screws around the dial, softened angles, the octagonal sapphire crown, and Roman numerals: the Panthère watch is forever distinctly Cartier.

Design, shape, nothing has changed. Only the bracelet has been revised, such as the new quartz calibre.La

This very feminine style comes back available in 9 models and two different sizes – 22 and 27 mm. Gold, steel, pink gold, steel and gold, even a laquered version, paved or not, the Panthère style raws for everyone.

The Cartier Watches En Replica Tank Solo XL Automatic view was introduced in 2012 and included a larger, mechanical solution to the quartz Tank Solo. The Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic initially featured the automatic Cartier 049 calibre, which will be an ETA 2892. However, Cartier has confirmed with us when the Cartier Clé introduced the in-house 1847 MC movement in 2015 lots of basic models were quietly fitted using the new motion – including the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic. Bidirectional automatic winding, 42 hours of power reserve, working at 4Hz with fundamental minutes and date are all welcome modern features and appropriate to an entry level set. The Cartier 1847 MC seems to largely receive just basic decoration, but you won’t find it here anyway on account of the solid caseback of the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic. An in-house movement should add value and interest for fans, and more so because the switch out of a sourced movement was not accompanied by a change in price.Standard to get a contemporary luxury watch, antireflective sapphire crystal protects the dial, along with the crown using its faux spinel cabochon is essentially unchanged from the earliest Tanks. The dial is what Cartier requires silvered opaline, and it provides a satiny backdrop for the black Cartier Roman numerals with no shiny reflections to hamper legibility.


Cartier – Tank Louis Cartier Replica Buying Guide

This year, the Tank collection celebrates its centenary. The brand took this opportunity to add four series of new models: Tank Française, Tank Américaine, Tank Cintrée Skeleton and Tank Louis Cartier. Today, let’s discover the Tank Louis Cartier 2017 watches.

Specific features

First created in 1922, the Tank Louis Cartier Watches Ladies Replica symbolises the quintessential Tank spirit. In a distinctive design that spans the century, the Louis Cartier watch features brancards with proud, taut lines, softened corners and horns incorporated into the case. Clear-cut lines and a strict, measured composition forge the powerful style and character of this pure, enduring and timeless creation.

As the previous models, the new ones are equipped with sword-shaped blued hands, a minutes track, a crown set with a sapphire cabochon and Roman numerals indicating the hours.

New watches

The latest watches by Cartier are all powered by the 8971 MC mechanical movement with manual winding and have a beaded silver dial with a guilloché centre. The brand presents four models with diamond-set brancards and two without any setting. 

Watches from the first category are available either in white gold with a fuchsia pink alligator strap or in rose gold with a wine-coloured strap. Both models exist in two sizes: small (29.5 mm x 22 mm x 6.8 mm) or large (33.7 mm x 25.5 mm x 6.6 mm).

Tank Louis Cartier

Tank Louis Cartier with diamond-set brancards © Cartier

Component of the Tank’s history is that the many important 20th century characters who have prominently worn it. We won’t (can not) list all of them here, however monarchs, politicians, and accurate icons of music and sports have aided the tank reach its status and are testament to its success. And these were not “new ambassadors” as we know them today, but true fans of this watch – or people simply following a trend, such as Andy Warhol, who seemingly did not keep it wound onto his wrist.Cartier Tank watches have comprised a selection of movements over their history, and the earliest versions used manually wound Jaeger moves. The first Cartier Tanks were somewhat stouter than the absolutely (in my view) tasteful proportions of the Tank we know now, best exemplified by the Tank Louis Cartier that has been first introduced in 1922. I’ve been unable to pinpoint precisely when the predominance of Breguet pomme-style palms gave way into the sword-shaped hands most widespread on Cartier watches now. Though technically a newer model, the modern Cartier Tank Solo XL is similar in design to the Tank Louis Cartier and does a fantastic job, I believe, of representing its heritage.Cartier’s present Tank collection includes six versions: Anglaise, Americaine, Française, Louis Cartier, MC, and Solo. Yet more, that the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic in steel onto a leather strap represents the brand’s most affordable mechanical men’s watch. For the album, the least expensive men’s watch overall is – no, not the quartz Tank Solo, but the Cartier Ronde Solo quartz watch observed below at around $2,600. Having a 36mm-wide (6.6mm-thick) steel instance (30m water-resistant), the Cartier Ronde Solo quartz watch is little for a lot of modern men’s tastes however is easy, without fuss, and still offers a lot what a lot of men and women need from Cartier.

Both watches from the second category are in rose gold. One is designed for women, the other for men. The ladies’ model is available in small size with a glossy brown strap and the men’s model in large size with a half-matt brown strap.

Tank Louis Cartier

Tank Louis Cartier without setting © Cartier

Cartier – Santos de Cartier Replica Trusted Dealers

The new Santos de Cartier watch stays true to this original philosophy by reflecting the innovative, everchanging spirit of its own age. In updating this timepiece, the design studios focused on comfort, intelligent proportions and respect for the Santos aesthetic. The square shape remains unchanged. It echoes the refinement and symmetry of Parisian geometry of the era, as extolled in the four angular corners of the Eiffel Tower. In giving preference to straight lines, this transgressive shape represented a break with traditional rounded watch shapes. Also unchanged are the eight screws on the bezel: this functional hardware is a miniature tribute to the proliferation of mechanical steel structures associated with a golden age of urban architecture. Here, Cartier dared to display a functional element that had been hitherto concealed.

Santos de Cartier

Santos de Cartier in steel with metallic strap © Cartier

The design of the bezel has been updated to favour the synergy between the lines of the case and the strap. These sleeker lines accentuate the stylistic dynamic of the watch. The watch is designed for a perfect fit on the wrist and has been precisely weighted and measured to optimise comfort and ergonomics.

Santos de Cartier

Santos de Cartier in pink gold with metallic strap © Cartier

Entire books have been written about Cartier and even about the Cartier Tank watch itself, and the simple narrative that Louis Cartier based the Tank layout on the shape of WWI tanks found on the Western Front is most likely familiar to a lot of readers. Cartier made clocks, pocket watches, and women’s wristwatches before wristwatches for men began to catch on – and when guys did begin to wear wristwatches, Cartier played a significant role in their wider adoption and the Cartier Tank was an important part of the transition out of pocket to wrist.The initial wristwatch for men is sometimes said to be the Cartier Santos from 1904, made by Louis Cartier – at least, this started to help popularize men’s wristwatches. It was surely one of the first watches designed as a wristwatch, rather than a pocket watch adapted with straps for the wrist, or “strap watch.” Called a “silly ass fad” by some round the early part of the 1900s (which I find delightful), men’s wristwatches still had the time to be approved by the mainstream. In 1916, The New York Times admitted that wristwatches were a passing craze, and WWI watched soldiers starting to strap watches to their wrists for sensible reasons.Louis Cartier (1875–1942) designed a number of watches that are still part of Cartier’s lineup today, such as the Santos, Tank, and Tortue. At that time Louis perhaps thought the future of wristwatches meant non-round cases. This would also help distinguish them from the round pocket watches which had just been adapted for the wrist. The very first Cartier Tank watch was created in 1917 and the story goes that those initial models were awarded to General John Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force and his or her officers. In 1919, a total of six Tank watches were created, however an icon was established, and new versions have followed regularly since – you can see more about early twenties along with other early Cartier men’s watches here.

The strap is the defining element in the history of the Santos de Cartier, the first modern wristwatch. The original strap was in leather, a totally new material in watchmaking, and left the wearer free of the restrictions of the pocket watch. The new Santos de Cartier watch features an innovative strap in keeping with the spirit of our time. The new strap caters to modern lifestyles and ease of movement, and can be tailored to suit any occasion according to the choice of materials and colours. Available in steel, gold, calfskin or alligator skin, all versions are interchangeable thanks to the Cartier QuickSwitch system (patent pending) hidden under the strap. This invisible mechanism blends into the structure of the case and, to activate the system, the wearer simply presses the mechanism.

Santos de Cartier

Interchangeable straps © Cartier

Another cutting-edge feature is the SmartLink self-fitting technology (patent pending) which adjusts the length of the metal bracelet to the nearest link without the use of a tool. At the touch of a button located on each SmartLink, the attachment bar is unlatched and one of the brushed metal links with screws can be added or removed from the Santos de Cartier watch.

Santos de Cartier

Santos de Cartier in pink gold with alligator strap © Cartier

True to the constant quest for progress that spurred on every new venture for Alberto Santos-Dumont, the 1847 MC automatic calibre and the latest design of the Santos de Cartier Watches Swiss Made Replica watch are ever more ambitious in terms of performance and comfort. The calibre 1847 MC features anti-magnetic nickel phosphorus components in the escapement and movement mechanisms, as well as a shield made from a paramagnetic alloy, rendering the calibre effectively resistant to the powerful magnetic fields a watch may be exposed to in everyday life.

Santos de Cartier

Santos de Cartier in steel with a yellow gold bezel © Cartier

Thanks to the screw-down assembly design, the new Santos de Cartier Watches Price In Uae Replica offers waterresistance up to 10 bar (~100 meters) with minimal case thickness. The new Santos de Cartier watch has been assembled, calibrated and tested by the Cartier Manufacture workshops for resistance to variations in position, humidity, temperature, pressure, exposure to impact and acceleration, and to prevent these factors from interfering with the accuracy of the watch. The decisive final stage of quality control inspections is even more rigorous for the new Santos de Cartier watch. These quality controls are determined by the behaviour observed during the service life of a watch. The objective is to guarantee optimum levels of performance and reliability over the years.

Santos de Cartier

Santos de Cartier Skeleton in steel © Cartier

Artistic crafts watches – Where watches become art Replica Clearance

A watch: Ronde Louis Cartier XL
A technique: Flamed gold

The Cartier’s “Maison des métiers d’art” in La Chaux-de-Fonds brings together all the traditional techniques (gem-setting, polishing, etc.) as well as some forgotten skills (granulation and filigree, for example) that the company is hoping to bring back into favour.  
The Ronde Louis Cartier XL watch introduces a technique never before seen in watchmaking, and one that Cartier has recently added to its repertoire of artistic crafts: flamed gold, a technique inspired by the way steel watch hands are blued by exposure to heat. Flamed gold demands perfect mastery of heat, as the colours appear sequentially depending on very precise temperature calibrations. Blue is produced at the highest temperature, and beige at the coolest. The surface of the 18-karat gold watch dial is engraved or “brushed” with the pattern of the panther’s coat. The gold plate is then heated over a flame, and the first colour change occurs. This operation is then repeated as many times as is necessary to achieve the complete colour palette. This painstaking and laborious work also requires a great deal of forethought, as each return to the flame affects all the colours, and each firing could potentially obliterate many hours’ work. The result is a spectrum of rich colours and a strikingly lifelike representation. This rare and precious timepiece is driven by the manually-wound 430 MC calibre. Just 30 are available.

Quand horlogerie et art ne font plus qu’un

A watch: Altiplano Double Jeu Gold Lacework
A technique: Gold lacework

Piaget is well known for its dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and its constant pursuit of the best independent artisans to carry out all the techniques not already available within its manufacture. This year, the company has joined forces with Sara Bran, a self-taught artist who is the only practitioner of her craft: gold lacework. In order to recreate the lightness of lace on the slim rose gold sheet, Sara Bran uses pointed scribing tools and a pair of compasses to trace the designs, drills to pierce holes and saw blades to cut out the metal using a highly specific skill – manual redrilling with a small hacksaw. She opens up empty spaces and gradually eliminates material to reveal a delicately sculpted lacework as fine as a super-thin thread.
The design of the Altiplano Double Jeu with its two superimposed cases (which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year) lends itself perfectly to the lacemaker’s art. The diamond-set upper module is adorned with delicate gold lacework, whose radiating motif is enhanced by marquise-cut diamonds. Beneath this decor, the hours tick by discreetly. A press on the pusher reveals the Altiplano’s white dial, which conceals the hand-wound 430P movement.

Quand horlogerie et art ne font plus qu’un

Vacheron Constantin
From the perspective of its attributes, materials, and movement, the retail cost of about $3,500 for the reference W5200027 on a leather strap or $3,700 for the reference W5200028 on a bracelet isn’t “cheap” (we will leave it to customers and commenters to do their particular price hunting, of course). There are square and rectangular watches, like the Baume & Mercier Hampton, for instance, which offer an automatic Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, and the exact same primary functions for much less ($2,650). The Nomos Tetra comes with an in-house automated movement for approximately $2,980, along with the Rado Integral is just available in quartz and ranges between $1,350 and $2,400. The TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph ($4,800) is similar in its right angles so has to be mentioned, I suppose, but it is so sporty that I do not really find it comparable.In the end, it’s the tasteful proportions, simple layout, and robust legibility that I feel assisted the Cartier Watches Quartz Replica Tank succeed and set it into a class of its own. And, needless to say, its history. For me, higher water resistance, an exhibition caseback, and a hardier strap and buckle would really increase the value proposition of the Cartier Tank Solo XL.It has been suggested to me that any significant set should include a Tank. I state gather what you like and wear what you’d like, but there is a whole lot to enjoy in the Cartier Tank. The Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic provides an entry-level option for modern tastes to lovers of the newest and the Tank. Cartier turning 170 and the Tank turning 100 sounds like a recipe for some sort of unique release in 2017, so watch out.
A watch: Métiers d’Art Copernicus Celestial Spheres
A technique: Grand feu enamel

This year, Vacheron Constantin’s master craftsmen have drawn inspiration from one theme – the astronomical universe according to Nicolaus Copernicus – for which they have devised three different dials. The first of the trio gives pride of place to various enamelling techniques. The enameller drew inspiration from the astronomical map of the Copernican system as drawn by Andreas Cellarius, a 17th-century Dutch-German cartographer. The earth in champlevé grand feu enamel reveals the blue of the oceans and the geography of the continents. Against the gold background, a map of the heavens is enamelled in pastel shades, punctuated by fine lines to illustrate the orbits of the five planets. Each planet, represented by a star, is labelled with its Latin name, as are the two solstices. The outer part of the dial features the 12 zodiac signs in coloured enamel. The dial required more than a month’s work and numerous firings at temperatures as high as 850°C before being smoothed, lapped and polished.
The timepiece is equipped with the manufacture calibre 2460 RT, an extremely precise mechanism developed by Vacheron Constantin to reproduce the heliocentric system. WorldTempus’ Editor -in-chief Paul O’Neil explains this new movement with its original display in greater detail here.
The other two dials in the Métiers d’Art Copernicus Celestial Spheres trilogy incorporate both engraving and the combined technique of laser engraving and hand engraving on sapphire crystal.

Quand horlogerie et art ne font plus qu’un

Van Cleef & Arpels
A watch: Charms Extraordinaire Fée Sakura
Techniques: miniature painting and cabochonné enamel

Through the Extraordinary Dials™ collection, Van Cleef & Arpels offers a poetic interpretation of the passing of time. On a single dial, the artistic crafts meet and combine, forming compositions where every detail bears witness to the creativity of the maison’s artisans. The Charms Extraordinaire Fée Sakura watch brings together two of the Parisian brand’s major sources of inspiration: nature and fairies. On a deep pink background, the dial displays a scene of enchanted nature by means of several artistic crafts: delicate flowers are worked in hand-painted sculpted mother-of-pearl, while the petals in the foreground are adorned with cabochonné enamel. The fairy sculpted in white gold has diamond-set wings and a lively and gracious expression. Around the bezel, two sparkling lines frame a row of pink sapphires in graded hues of pink to emphasise the perfect roundness of the case. As a final touch, a good luck charm swings delicately with every movement of the wrist.

Quand horlogerie et art ne font plus qu’un

Cartier – Tank Française Replica Watches Young Professional

2017 is an important year for the Tank collection which celebrates its centenary. The brand took this opportunity to add four series of new models: Tank Française, Tank Américaine, Tank Cintrée Skeleton and Tank Louis Cartier. On Monday September 25, we presented the six new Tank Louis Cartier and today, let’s discover the Tank Française watches.

Specific features

When created in 1996, the Tank Française transformed the stylistic features of the Tank watches. The case was attached to a metal bracelet, thereby reconfiguring the design of the side brancards, dial with Roman numerals, “rail-track” minute circle, sword-shaped hands and faceted winding crown adorned with a sapphire cabochon.

An essential development was the automated 1904MC caliber that premiered in 2011. A thin automatic caliber with 48 hours of power book, featuring the time with a subsidiary seconds dial @ 6 along with also a date complication. Cartier Watches 3578 Replica made certain that it had enough differences in comparison to the majority of the foundation movements offered by ETA. The ‘Calibre de Cartier’ was the first watch which was powered with all the 1904MC, but soon after Cartier began using the grade as the foundation for a variety of Chronographs and Perpetual Calendar calibers.The brand new Calibre Diver, that was launched last year, is powered with the 1904MC. For a diver watch that’s really flat, compared to — for example — the renowned Rolex Submariner which has a height of 12,5mm or the Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea that steps 17,68mm. The sapphire crystal that is 1.2mm thicker than that of the standard ‘Calibre de Cartier’ model, makes sure that it may defy the water resistance of 300m, which is the same as the Submariner and greater compared to 100m water resistance of Panerai models in precisely the same cost category.A watch that directly required advantage from the technologies of this ID-ONE is that the Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal that was introduced in 2013, at a limited edition of 50 pieces. This fresh ‘Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal’ was released at a Niobium titanium case, a lightweight and non-magnetic metal, that resists corrosion, shocks and scratches also it has the carbon escapement of the ID-ONE.
The shape asserts itself in the curved case and bracelet, which form a seamless continuity of lines, volume and material. Its geometry is simultaneously softened and strengthened by bevelled brancards and the concave curves of the links: radical lines produced by watchmaking finishes. This practical yet attractive wristwatch has now been liberated, free to combine the purity of steel with a diamond setting.

The 2017 Tank Française

The new models are available in two sizes: a small one (25.20 mm x 20.30 mm x 6.15 mm) and a medium one (30.40 mm x 25.05 mm x 6.65 mm). Equipped with a quartz movement, these watches have a stainless steel case set with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds, a silver dial and a steel strap, typical of the Tank Française.

Tank Française

Small and medium model of the Tank Française © Cartier

Sélection – Dials Replica Expensive

They are the face of the watch and the focus of considerable attention. Simple or monochrome, extremely structured, supremely refined backdrops for artistic crafts… or merely functional and legible : dials come in a wide range of interpretations. Sometimes their very absence amplifies the beauty of a watch.

Bulgari Octo Grande Sonnerie – A fine example of what happens when the dial simply vanishes, in order to give pride of place to the mechanical intricacies of the movement. And when the latter features a four-hammer Grande and Petite Sonnerie as well as a tourbillon, its technical splendor easily matches that of the most beautiful dial. CHF 580’000.–

Welcome to the latest installment in our Cost of Entry series. In this aBlogtoWatch feature, we analyze different brands through the lens of the most affordable model. Having looked at the entry-level offerings of Rolex, Omega, Panerai, and Hublot… now, a title well-known even far outside the world of watches: Cartier. And none other than the legendary Tank, in the kind of the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic, represents the most economical mechanical men’s watch Cartier provides, at approximately US$3,500. The question is, but what exactly you get together with all the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic and how well it represents the brand.We don’t need to inform you that Cartier is among the world’s most well-known luxury brands. While I like to approach this show for a brand study rather than as how to purchase to a prestigious title for the smallest quantity of money possible… Cartier’s prestige and recognizability are a massive draw for a fantastic many individuals around the world. Cartier has attained a remarkably cohesive identity and consistency over a vast assortment of products, but where does the Cartier Tank Solo XL fit in to this? In this guide, we want to check at what exactly the Cartier Tank Solo XL offers concerning history, value, horological interest, style, and more vague quality that is Cartier character. The Cartier Tank turning 100 years old in 2017 makes it timely to revisit its narrative that’s a big area of the watch we’re considering today.Founded at Paris, France, by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, Cartier as a firm will be 170 years old in 2017, but is no more a small family-run jeweler, needless to say. The three grandsons of the founder were Louis, Pierre, and Jacques, and together they oversaw Cartier’s expansion to be a globally recognized name – Louis function as most fundamental to our narrative. The next Cartier creation, the children of those 3 brothers, sold the business in the 1970s to an investor category. And finally, in 2012, Cartier joined the Richemont Group where it resides now among illustrious colleagues of haute horlogerie.


Octo Grande Sonnerie © Bulgari

Montre Rotonde de Cartier jour & nuit Mystérieux – Cartier’s iconic mystery display and its equally emblematic day & night display are combined for the first time in this model on which the sun and moon appear and move in turn, as if levitating, in order to tell the time. Price available on request


Montre Rotonde de Cartier Jour&Nuit Mystérieux © Cartier

Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Moon The brand’s unmistakable overlapping subdials forming a figure 8 are complemented by the mystery of an ultra-accurate astronomical moon phase, adding the midnight blue touch of its night-sky background to the ivorycolored Grand Feu enamel background. CHF 29’700.–


Grande Seconde Moon © Jaquet Droz

Patek Philippe Référence 5131/1 Heure Universelle – The prestige of platinum, the splendid colors of the Earth portrayed in cloisonné enamel adorning a dial featuring 24 times zones and a day/night indication, all driven by self-winding Caliber 240 U. Travel has never been quite so refined ! CHF 115’000.–


Référence 5131/1 Heure Universelle © Patek Philippe