Cartier – Tank Louis Cartier Replica Buying Guide

Tank Louis Cartier

This year, the Tank collection celebrates its centenary. The brand took this opportunity to add four series of new models: Tank Française, Tank Américaine, Tank Cintrée Skeleton and Tank Louis Cartier. Today, let’s discover the Tank Louis Cartier 2017 watches.

Specific features

First created in 1922, the Tank Louis Cartier Watches Ladies Replica symbolises the quintessential Tank spirit. In a distinctive design that spans the century, the Louis Cartier watch features brancards with proud, taut lines, softened corners and horns incorporated into the case. Clear-cut lines and a strict, measured composition forge the powerful style and character of this pure, enduring and timeless creation.

As the previous models, the new ones are equipped with sword-shaped blued hands, a minutes track, a crown set with a sapphire cabochon and Roman numerals indicating the hours.

New watches

The latest watches by Cartier are all powered by the 8971 MC mechanical movement with manual winding and have a beaded silver dial with a guilloché centre. The brand presents four models with diamond-set brancards and two without any setting. 

Watches from the first category are available either in white gold with a fuchsia pink alligator strap or in rose gold with a wine-coloured strap. Both models exist in two sizes: small (29.5 mm x 22 mm x 6.8 mm) or large (33.7 mm x 25.5 mm x 6.6 mm).

Tank Louis Cartier

Tank Louis Cartier with diamond-set brancards © Cartier

Component of the Tank’s history is that the many important 20th century characters who have prominently worn it. We won’t (can not) list all of them here, however monarchs, politicians, and accurate icons of music and sports have aided the tank reach its status and are testament to its success. And these were not “new ambassadors” as we know them today, but true fans of this watch – or people simply following a trend, such as Andy Warhol, who seemingly did not keep it wound onto his wrist.Cartier Tank watches have comprised a selection of movements over their history, and the earliest versions used manually wound Jaeger moves. The first Cartier Tanks were somewhat stouter than the absolutely (in my view) tasteful proportions of the Tank we know now, best exemplified by the Tank Louis Cartier that has been first introduced in 1922. I’ve been unable to pinpoint precisely when the predominance of Breguet pomme-style palms gave way into the sword-shaped hands most widespread on Cartier watches now. Though technically a newer model, the modern Cartier Tank Solo XL is similar in design to the Tank Louis Cartier and does a fantastic job, I believe, of representing its heritage.Cartier’s present Tank collection includes six versions: Anglaise, Americaine, Française, Louis Cartier, MC, and Solo. Yet more, that the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic in steel onto a leather strap represents the brand’s most affordable mechanical men’s watch. For the album, the least expensive men’s watch overall is – no, not the quartz Tank Solo, but the Cartier Ronde Solo quartz watch observed below at around $2,600. Having a 36mm-wide (6.6mm-thick) steel instance (30m water-resistant), the Cartier Ronde Solo quartz watch is little for a lot of modern men’s tastes however is easy, without fuss, and still offers a lot what a lot of men and women need from Cartier.

Both watches from the second category are in rose gold. One is designed for women, the other for men. The ladies’ model is available in small size with a glossy brown strap and the men’s model in large size with a half-matt brown strap.

Tank Louis Cartier

Tank Louis Cartier without setting © Cartier