Cartier – Tank Cintrée Replica At Lowest Price

Tank Cintrée

It’s the last article about the series of models especially designed for the Tank centenary. After the Tank Louis Cartier with coloured straps, the Tank Française set with diamonds and equipped with a stainless steel strap, and the more sober Tank Américaine, here is the Tank Cintrée squelette.

The Tank Cintrée

Hesitating between square and rectangle, Cartier chose a rectangular form for one of its first watches – the Tank Cintrée, whose curved design hugs the wrist. A functional and aesthetic exercise, this watch was a precursor of the Tank Américaine of the 1980s.

Its powerful shape is delimited by a pair of brancards that structure the whole. With this watch, Cartier achieves a true watchmaking prowess. Two versions – in pink gold or platinum – reveal a skeleton mechanical movement with manual winding 9917 MC that follows the curves of the case. Its transparent design only preserves the bare essentials: the hands, the chemin de fer and the overlapping gears in the background, all contained within the distinctive curve of the Tank Cintrée. Conceived like a work of art, this watch juxtaposes the elegance of a bold aesthetic with a singular, uncommon calibre.

Tank Cintrée

Tank Cintrée platinum and pink gold © Cartier

Other, higher-end Tank models include variations on the form and design, in addition to options such as fancier movements and valuable metals. The Cartier Watches Automatic Replica Tank Solo is also available in 18k pink gold. The Tank Louis Cartier supplies a whole lot of what the Cartier Tank Solo XL does but will probably be elegant in pretty much every way, with a Piaget (same parent company, Richemont) base movement indoors, and only available in precious metal. Sportier options are located in the Santos and MC families. However, all of these are more expensive than the entry-level Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic.A lot of different manufacturers offer you rectangular and square watches that are at least influenced by the Cartier Tank, although few are very successful, it sounds. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is, naturally, another major rectangular, Art Deco watch out there, but it’s more costly and actually offers a somewhat different appeal. And I have not found one that fits me just right like the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic does! In case your Cartier Tank alternative has to be rectangular, please try it first since it’s far more difficult to get proportions and match right than with a round watch.Another way of looking at the Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic would see its competitors as conservative dress-style mechanical watches in the $3,000-$4,000 range, around or otherwise. Dress-style watch choices exist for just about any budget. Here is our Top 10 Elegant Dress Watches for Men article with mostly higher-end alternatives. For those on a much tighter budget, we suggested Orient’s apparel watches and looked at a couple of them. I anticipate readers’ tips.

These two models are limited editions of 100 pieces.