Cartier – Monica Belluci shines in Cartier at the Cannes Film Festival Replica Wholesale Center

Monica Belluci en Cartier à Cannes

The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival has officially launched and, to celebrate, international talents from around the globe gathered on the red carpet to honor the most prestigious cinematic events of the year.
On the occasion of the Opening Ceremony of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Monica Bellucci, the glamorous mistress of ceremonies, chose to wear a Cartier Watches Instagram Replica High Jewelry Necklace, in platinum, sapphires and diamonds.

One factor is important to notice with Cartier; unlike most manufacturers, they had a strong focus on watches that are shaped. Many brands attempted to do this — especially from the 1920s and 1930s, in which Art-Deco also affected watchmaking and where we have seen several timepieces with rectangular or cushion-shaped watches — but few manufactures attained to keep this attribute for a hallmark. In fact, when you examine the real collections of older brands, there are primarily round watches, if we discuss apparel or sports watches. But, Cartier’s strongest timepieces all share this notion of being separate from the norm of the round timepiece. Take for instance the Tank and its rectangular case. You’ll also find the Tortue or the Roadster, using their barrel shaped cases. Lately, the brand introduced a few additional consensual watches, such as for instance that the Ballon Bleu. But again, its not just a round case. Same could be said for the Clé. Shapes are always a part of the design of a Cartier, with many distinct inspirations and style. But a Cartier Watches Raleigh Nc Replica is identifiable as so along with the elegance of the watches is undeniable.

Monica Belluci en Cartier à Cannes

Monica Belluci © Cartier

At the première of “Nelyubov” by Andre Zvyaginstev, Lily Donaldson wore a Cartier High Jewelry Bracelet made of 950‰ platinum, 861 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 9.47 carats, emeralds and onyx.


Monica Belluci en Cartier Watches Women Replica à Cannes

Lily Donaldson © Cartier

Robin Wright also wore Cartier Watches Tank Mc Replica to the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival première of The Dark of Night. The film marks her short feature directing debut and was revealed during the festival’s Cannes Classics section. The 18K pink gold Panthère de Cartier bracelet she was wearing is set with emeralds, obsidians and 739 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 11.56 carat.

Monica Belluci en Cartier à Cannes

Robin Wright © Cartier