Show You The Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Master Chronometer Replica

The Omega Speedmaster Replica, otherwise known as the first Omega in space, has a longstanding and dramatic history with NASA. Launched in 1957, the replica watch has accompanied NASA astronauts on numerous missions—including the ill-fated Apollo 13 voyage to the Moon, during which astronaut Jack Swigert used his Speedmaster to accurately time the now-famous course correction of their crippled craft, bringing the crew safely home. But its lunar credentials don’t end there: a Speedmaster also accompanied Buzz Aldrin as he followed Neil Armstrong onto the Moon’s surface for the first time—giving the replica watch its nifty moniker, the Moonreplica watch.
Show You The Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Chronograph Master Chronometer Replica
Omega’s newest Speedmaster release, the Moonphase Chronograph Master Chronometer, continues the model’s lunar legacy. It uses the new in-house calibre 9904 automatic movement, which is METAS-certified and exceptionally accurate. In homage to its history, the replica watch also features a moonphase display with a photo-realistic, high resolution Moon. Only requiring adjustment every ten years, the display records the phases of the Moon in a lunar month of 29.5 days.

Never afraid to embrace new technologies, Omega Men’s Replica has used Liquid Metal for the first time on a Speedmaster for the tachymetre scale, and two rhodium-plated subdials sit on the midnight blue dial, reminiscent of the sky at night—just in case there’s any question that the Moonreplica watch is the master of the stars.


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