Corum – Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds Replica Wholesale Suppliers

The Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds, which comes a few months after the presentation of the original model at Baselworld 2017, offers several artistic crafts at the service of its Art Deco design.

First, the art of setting. Corum has chosen different diamond shapes that each moulds and enhances the piece’s Art Deco design: 69 baguette-cut diamonds are set on the bezel of the Golden Bridge Rectangle and 118 round cut diamonds adorn the arches on both sides of the movement, as well as the horns with their subtly curved profile. The  white gold dial is also set with 42 baguette diamonds and  59 round diamonds. Here and there, the diamonds are sculpted to individually highlight each line of the Golden Bridge Rectangle.

Next, the skeletonised details grace the piece with luminosity. The artistic craft applied to each component allows the brilliance of the surrounding diamonds to pass through.

Corum Watches Flipkart Replica is clearly taking it slow with all the Corum Bubble, but those are nice models. All of these 2015 Corum Bubble watches utilize the same movements that Corum utilized in its previous three-hand Corum Bubble watches, which will be their Caliber CO 0082 (an base Swiss ETA 2892 automatic). The CO 0082 has been skeletonized for the non-limited edition model that’s the return of this Corum Bubble Skeleton. Extremely similar to the older Corum Bubble Skeleton watches, the newest Skeleton has slightly different skeletonized bridge designs.The two limited edition 2015 Corum Bubble watches are the Corum Bubble ALL Black at a black PVD-coated steel case in addition to the Corum Bubble Vintage, which has a bronze-colored PVD-coated steel case. More great news is in respect to pricing – that is quite welcoming for the limited edition versions (even compared to the prices of initial Corum Bubble watches available for sale) in a reasonable $3,425 for the Corum Bubble All Black and Corum Bubble Vintage, along with a lofty $8,300 for the non-limited Corum Bubble Skeleton.My favored family of watches at the current collection of Corum products is the Admirals’ Cup. According to a now defunct boat race, the first Admiral’s Cup watch started in the 1980s and was the original yachting watch to wear off or on deck with your boating shoes and skipper cap. What’s marked the Admiral’s Cup set for so long is that the 12-sided case and using colorful boat pennant flags over the hour mark. The latter has been largely depreciated as the colours no longer exist on newest Admiral’s Cup watches. Lots of new Admiral’s Cup watches are still fairly cool. But with watches like the Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender (that in its very own way is intriguing) I feel like the first theme and personality of the Admiral’s Cup collection has officially been thrown overboard.
Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds

Golden Bridge Rectangle Sertie © Corum

It is then the sculpture that gives depth to the Golden Bridge Rectangle thanks to the Roman numerals which are individually carved into a mass of gold and are present along the dial-side of the piece. This body detaches with the natural intensity of a movement which, on the other hand, unfolds along the length and stands out for its delicacy.

And lastly, the engraving gives the Golden Bridge Rectangle an exceptional splendour. For Corum, it was a clear choice to feature a single bridge crossing the Golden Bridge; true to the brand’s signature style and a unique Fine Watchmaking creation. By applying a discreet floral engraving enriched with the name of the brand, Corum Watches Tides 48 Replica signs a prestigious composition whose consistency highlights the power of the Art Deco style from every angle and each reflection.

Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds

© Corum

The Golden Bridge Rectangle Diamonds is a 10-piece limited-edition. It is worn on a black alligator leather strap, equipped with a 18kt white gold triple folding clasp.

Corum/Eterna – First exclusive Meeting with CEO J??r??me Biard Replica Clearance

Given that you’re a man who dislikes the spotlight, the public will need some time to get to know you.
Yes, I have worked in the watch industry for over 25 years, but I’ve never been in the public eye. I began at Richemont, when it was still called PBM, for Piaget, Baume & Mercier. I was there for five years, then I left to work for Vacheron Constantin, Cartier and Girard-Perregaux. I was global commercial director there, working alongside Gino Macaluso, a colourful character who taught me a great deal.
My most recent experience was in distribution; I was involved in establishing and developing watch brands in Russia and Turkey. That was back in 2009, which was a very difficult period, as you no doubt remember. We were nevertheless able to expand, working with lifestyle brands such as Daniel Wellington and Fossil Group, as well as traditional watchmakers including TAG Heuer and Corum.
How did your relationship with Corum Watches Uae Replica come about? 
Very naturally. I had already met Corum’s investors several times over dinner, in my previous role. Given that I didn’t work there, I was able to share with them my very clear and objective vision for Corum. They obviously appreciated that, because as soon as they heard that I was leaving, they made me an offer. They are very straightforward, direct people, with a keen sense of commitment and the importance of keeping your word.
Will this be your first experience with Chinese investors? 
I don’t think of it in that way. As far as I am concerned, they are simply investors, full stop. They are people I know, who know me, who have shown great foresight, who love the brand, who recognise its potential and who are relying upon what they believe are the best resources to drive its development. And by “best resources”, what I’m mainly referring to is the staff in La Chaux-de-Fonds, whom it is now my pleasure to manage.
Yet, what position are these local teams in, after the Davide Traxler’s departure? 
They are incredibly close-knit and dynamic. I was impressed by their cohesion, and their many talents. In every division we have teams that are working incredibly hard to develop a brand in which they have an unshakeable faith. We currently have 70 people working in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Are you going to continue with Davide Traxler’s strategy? 
In reality, the strategy was put in place by the European Board. The work was well done; Corum Watches Kuwait Replica has the wind in its sails from a creative point of view, which was something I talked about with the investors, even before there was any talk of my taking over. It’s a healthy company, both financially and in terms of corporate spirit. I have rarely seen such commitment to a common project, a commitment so personally upheld by everyone involved.
And is growth within reach? 
Let’s go for stability first! Once again, the foundations are healthy, and the work done by Davide Traxler was rigorous and effective, which means we should achieve this in the very short term. Growth will follow. For Corum, that will come through our four pillars: Bridge, Admiral, Heritage (Feather, Coin, etc.) and Bubble.

First exclusive interview with CEO Jérôme Biard

Golden Bridge © Corum

What about Eterna? 
With Eterna we are doing the same thing, but more comprehensively. There are many synergies between the teams, which means that Eterna will benefit from Corum’s expertise. We will begin by focusing on our brand leaders in highly targeted markets – Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and the United States. In the first instance, we will concentrate on the historic pillars: KonTiki, Royal KonTiki and 1948. For the future, we have some interesting surprises in store, something younger. We will be making the most of Eterna’s Swiss German identity, but avoiding the clichés of cuckoo clocks, cheese and chocolate. We want to renew the brand’s identity, refresh it. As a brand, it has great potential. It’s easy to forget that, for a time, it was in direct competition with Omega, for example. It has to go back to basics and reposition itself in its original price bracket, around the CHF 700 to 3500 mark.

First exclusive interview with CEO Jérôme Biard

Are you looking ahead to Baselworld? 
Corum is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer and has been set up in 1955. The most popular watch series is that the Admiral’s Cup but Corum has also had success with all the coin watch for instance. This timepiece was released in the 1960s and was famous for its manual wind or quartz motion within a $20 or a $10 coin. Corum is also respected for world premiers where each year limited versions are sold out shortly once they are available on the market. Severin Wunderman obtained Corum in 2000. Since the newest 2013 belongs to the China Haidian Group (who also controls the Eterna watch brand).Corum’s iconic Golden Bridge debuted in 1980 in its original barrel-shaped case. Last year, the Korean manufacturer introduced a redesigned variant in a more traditional round case. At this year’s Baselworld view fair, Corum introduced yet another variation of the Golden Bridge, in a new, Art Deco-influenced square case. Following is a look.The Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle, such as its own round-cased predecessor, is the brainchild of famous designer Dino Modolo. The baguette-shaped, linear-oriented, manual-winding motion, Caliber CO113, is visible in the middle of this open air and boasts a high level of engraving and finishes on its 18k gold plate and bridges. It is surrounded on either side by 18k gold structures representing six Roman numerals whose curved shapes and rivets call into mind the structure of a bridge. The motion’s timekeeping functions are on full display, together with the spring barrel at 6 o’clock feeding energy to the escapement at 12 o’clock. Caliber CO113 has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4 Hz) and a power reserve of 40 hours.
For Corum, yes, but even more so for Eterna. We have to manage our budgets in a clear and rational way. There will be lots of great initiatives from Eterna, but they will be targeted and tactical, with young, dynamic brand ambassadors. Eterna, like Corum, has the power to surprise, whether in the arts or in sports. Eterna will be a talent-spotter. Once it is on its way it will have its own CEO.
What will happen to Eterna’s movement division, EMC?
All in good time. Eterna’s main growth vector will be the brand itself, not necessarily its industrial capacity to service third parties. In the immediate term, EMC’s main client will be Eterna itself. In the short term, neither Corum Watches 1st Copy Replica nor Eterna have the ambition to differentiate themselves with manufacture movements. But, as I said, all in good time.

Corum – Diamonds are Booba’s Greatest friend Replica Buying Guide

Booba doesn’t count sheep any more…now he counts the 31 carats of diamonds on his Corum watch. The rapper received the one-of-a-kind model from Corum Marketing Director Frédéric Layani. With a thousand diamonds, it was made to be as brilliant as its new owner. This Bubble engraved D.U.C just sealed the partnership deal – a product of the artist’s true love for Corum’s exquisitely unique pieces and craftsmanship.

Booba raps a lot about watches and diamonds, so it’s no big surprise his lyrics are on this custom-made watch. As loyal as ever, Corum followed him past the point of no return… Fist raised high, now Booba’s wrist is adorned with 1,017 diamonds and 12 baguette-cut sapphires. Diamonds set on gold and a case that houses the famous CO 055 skeleton movement, the watch is enhanced by the sublimely unique box.

Not just ago, but again with decent prices. Actually, besides some minor alterations and a case size that has been increased to 47mm wide from 45mm wide, the 2015 Corum Watches Ladies Replica Bubble is quite much like the way it was when Corum decided to stop it. Additionally, though the instance is bigger (and seems really big) that the Corum Bubble wears smaller than it’s with snub lugs along with a case that wraps around your wrist well. With that said, I am pretty sure you can imagine that using a title such as the “Bubble,” this opinion is thick. The sapphire crystal alone is 8mm thick and also the entire Corum Bubble watch is 18.8mm thick – but in a trendy way.Corum got the first idea for the Corum Bubble from a prototype dip watch intended for extreme depths. It may just happen to be a Rolex. The thick crystal flowed to distort the dialup, and Corum just sort of played with that and created “bubble-style” hands and hour markers that look interesting with a little bit of distortion. The rounded edges make that potential, but also give the timepiece a pleasure, almost cartoonish look that has appeal to a lot of people. The dial and event silhouette together have made the Corum Bubble one of the very distinctive “enjoyable” high-end watches round, and I am very happy to see that Corum realized discontinuing it was a mistake. It is entirely possible that the Corum Bubble watch set needed a break, and I am happy to see it return for the 15-year anniversary.
Diamonds are booba’s best friend

French rapper Booba and his diamonds Bubble watch © Corum

Corum – Corum on land and sea Replica Wholesale

The companies rely on shared values which are creativity, luxe and above all a profound taste for technological innovation. The first achievements of this partnership formalized during a cocktail party at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, will be announced starting now until the end of the year 2017.

Corum on land and sea with Iguana Yachts

Partnership Corum & Iguana Yachts © Corum

If the maritime world is ingrained in the DNA of Corum, it is above all this mindset that connects it to Iguana Yachts. This need to go beyond the limits and show that nothing is impossible, to be intuitive and inventive enough to give life to a boat on land, to become master of one’s time. 

The Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender is a Admiral’s Cup in case alone. Nothing regarding the movement or demonstration particularly feels like a logical extension of the Admiral’s Cup DNA. Something like this would make much more sense being in a Romulus collection. It does not seem fair that the relative popularity of the Admiral’s Cup line has made it that the breeding ground for virtually every new notion Corum Watches Model No 1358 Replica would like to discharge. Should they wish to analyze their own past, Corum will find that they are a new excellent design creativity and aesthetic creativity. I truly want them to return the Admiral’s Cup to a location of some actual marine or yachting differentiation and make new visual references for bits that it wants to include a tourbillon chronograph into.I’ve never really been a lover of watches with aluminum instances due to their fragility. Corum has promised that the aluminum version of this watch has some kind “ceramisation” as a coating to offer the dark gray tone. Is that supposed to mean there’s some type of ceramic coating on the situation to allow it to be strong? I’m unsure and that is not exactly what they state. Although I can say I’m further not a massive lover of matte finished grey surfaces for watch cases. In a nutshell I believe Corum has been missing a layout opportunity with its high-complication bit in this way. Save whatever character the Admiral’s Cup collection has left and make it great collection. If it has to do with tourbillons or use of novel materials and manufacturing practices, possibly designing a new collection is a better idea than coming up with titles like “Seafender” which I am sure most will argue don’t have any firm being paired with a tourbillon to begin with. Price for the Corum Admiral’s Cup Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender watch is 50,900 Euros in the aluminum case, 78,500 Euros in the 18k red gold case, and 225,500 from the 18k red gold case with diamonds.

This collaboration between two innovative manufacturers supported by their visionary directors is the reflection of a common enterprise culture, as confirmed by Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum. “Iguana Yachts and Corum Watch Leather Strap Replica are driven by their creativity, the need to break free from the rules to fulfil dreams that seemed unrealisable to their peers.” He is joined by Antoine Brugidou, CEO, of the French shipyard, who added that “the combination of our images, because they convey similar values, opens perspectives that will be self-evident in time.”



Corum – Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit Replica Clearance

The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronographs certainly stand out as classy and elegant but it’s the simplicity of this Corum Admiral Legend 42 Automobile models that actually catch my eye. Corum finds its stride when sticking to a nautical motif, and such models illustrate that point absolutely. While definitely not as complicated or elegant as something like the Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck, the Corum Admiral Legend 42 Automobile provides a solid alternative for somebody with an affinity for sea-themed watches and that doesn’t mind a little additional colour in the palette.The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Automobile watches are paired with either a rich blue or handsome brown alligator leather strap. The Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph in stainless steel additionally receives a grim alligator leather strap while the rose gold edition receives a shameful one completely. Pricing for your Corum Admiral Legend 42 Automobile is $3,600. Corum might not be the first manufacturer that pops into your mind when searching for a quirky piece, but the launch of this new Corum Bubble watches warrants their name being on the list of brands to take into account. The daring, totally cohesive approach to the look of this contemporary classic ensures that this iteration of the Corum Bubble will polarise opinion from the race for wrist space as it did upon its début. It is certainly not for everybody, but there’s more to this generation of bubbles than meets the eye. In this guide, I’ll take a brief look at three new models, all of which are limited to only 350 pieces each.

The United States celebrates Independence Day and Corum Watches Online India Replica is giving prominence to the colours associated with the land of Uncle Sam. True to the grandeur and power of the country, the watch brand has chosen to immortalise not one, but two nations on its dial.

Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit

Big Bubble in titanium, limited edition of 87 pieces.

This is how the United Kingdom’s tricolour flag also came to be represented on the dial, suitably enlarged thanks to the legendary magnifying effect of the Bubble’s sapphire crystal.

Corum unveils two Big Bubble with a 52 mm case, sporting proudly the Stars & Stripes of the American flag. Four other Bubblée 47 models complement the collection.

In keeping with the bubble style unique to Corum, the Swiss watchmaker proudly exhibits the colours of both nations, united in their exceptional power.

Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit

Bubble 47 in stainless steel, limited edition of 87 pieces.

Corum – Bronze: Corum Requires it Replica Wholesale

Some people have good ideas. Others take those ideas and carry them further, pushing the limits of what is possible. That might well sum up the fate of the bronze watch. An archetypal marine material turned fashion phenomenon, this metal – an alloy, in fact – has the defining characteristic of changing when it comes into contact with corrosive elements, the most common of which are salt from sweat and sea water. The colour of bronze begins as a lustrous yellow, tinged with red depending on how much copper is present, but develops a patina along with the characteristic spots of verdigris.
The curved rectangular case — including its grooved winding crown at the bottom, a hallmark characteristic of Corum’s Bridges collection — is made from 5N 18k rose gold and measures 29.5 mm with 42.2 mm. The front and rear of the watch, which can be water-resistant to 30 meters, are coated with nonreflective sapphire crystals. The ring is brown alligator leather with a triple-folding clasp made of rose gold. The Cost for your Corum Watch 12609 Price Replica Golden Bridge Rectangle is $36,900. Here’s what it looks like about the wrist.The first Corum Bubble watch came out in 2000, but for whatever reason, it was finally discontinued. Then, the newest revived the Bubble watch in 2015. And now, it is one of their main collections, so much so they decided to make a exceptional piece using the iconic Bubble design. This is the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch, including not just a tourbillon however a menacing skull for a dial.The Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch includes a 47mm 18k rose gold case, and additional accentuating its size is its big bubble-shaped crown, also made out of 18k rose gold. Clearly, the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon isn’t any little watch, and it is likely to draw a lot of attention. If wrist presence is what you seek, this watch will deliver it in spades. Regrettably, despite the watch’s beefy dimensions, water resistance is 30 meters, so be skeptical of liquids.
Legions of timepieces made of “clean” bronze have recently been released, notably by Anonimo, Tudor and Panerai. The watch is delivered as new, and the patina builds up over time, creating a unique and personal object that reflects its wearer’s lifestyle. Most recently, Bell & Ross came up with the artfully distressed BR 01 SKULL Patina 1120, created in association with Chronopassion, which was aged to the extreme. At least, that’s what everyone thought.
Could do better
Now, the torch has passed to Corum, which is hoping to provide the definitive last word on the subject with its Admiral AC-One 45 Chronograph Bronze. Following on from natural bronze and verdigris, this watch goes even further, sporting a brown patina akin to the final stage of corrosion of a watch that has spent decades, maybe even centuries, underwater, but was rescued just before the metal really started to disintegrate.

This result is achieved on a piece-by-piece basis. In this way, Corum preserves the uniqueness that is a feature of bronze timepieces. The procedure is undertaken by an external craftsman, who corrodes the material to the maximum extent, before stabilising it with an invisible coating, stopping the corrosion in its tracks. At this point, the case is also perfectly smooth, ensuring it is comfortable to wear.

Montres en bronze: l’épilogue signé Corum

© Corum

Tick tock teak
Corum has chosen to complete the look with a teak dial. This wood is one of the signature features of the collection, which also has the traditional 12 pennants as indices, and the dodecagonal bezel. The choice of teak is anything but random – it is the wood traditionally used for yacht decking. Here, it is left in its natural ruddy chestnut hue, accentuated by Corum’s decision to select wood with a particularly prominent grain, which adds to the illusion of the watch being some kind of ancient relic. The painting on the dial is thus appropriately worn-looking (this is entirely intentional), and the subdials and markings are all charmingly irregular. The 12 pennant hour markers, however, are crisp and clear. Rather than distressing them to match the rest of the dial, the designers have chosen to ensure they remain eye-catchingly visible. 

The Admiral AC-One 45 Chronograph is automatic, with a power reserve of 42 hours and a depth rating of 300 metres. The crystal and caseback of the bronze case are in anti-reflective sapphire, and the watch is fitted with a brown calfskin strap with triple-folding clasp.

Corum – Bubble Clown from Matt Barnes Replica Watches Buy Online

If watchmaking’s putting you to sleep, If conventions bore you stiff, If time-honoured traditions make you yawn, Corum has just the thing for you… 

An old friend of Corum, Matt Barnes is an American artist who isn’t exactly known for upholding aesthetic conventions. That’s just as well, because neither is Corum. Together, they’ve devised the “Bubble Clown”, a piece created in the image of both the brand and the artist – two enfants terribles in their respective worlds of watchmaking and design. 

A transfigured clown, disturbing, hypnotic, almost intrusive, stares out from the centre of the timepiece.  His snarky smile, piercing stare, and rather disfigured look makes him anything but the stuff of dreams – nightmare fare more like. And yet you simply can’t take your eyes off him. Every detail on the whole is fascinating, and each is deliberately contradictory: a smile – but with razor-sharp teeth; an open yet threatening gaze; a clown costume that reveals innumerable tattoos; carnival make-up daubed over scars; and the traditional wig – styled into a Mohican. Every single distinctive clown feature has been hijacked. The overall effect doesn’t exactly invite itself onto the wrist – it’s more a case of it latching on there in a display of power, consistency, and singularity.

Most watches have flat sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating since they wish to avoid distortion. To get Corum’s Bubble watch, the opposite is true because the distortion that is caused by its large domed sapphire crystal is the thing that makes the Corum Bubble unique. The big hollowed and empty eyes together with the charcoal black dial and the warmth from domed crystal makes a gothic look that is seldom seen in other watches. Completing the creepy impact is the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, which is framed by the mouth of the skull.Speaking of which, the skull at the Corum Bubble 47 Tourbillon reminds me of the skull of Marvel Comics’ Punisher.
Bubble Clown by Matt Barnes

Bubble Clown by Matt Barnes © Corum


The mechanical cladding for Matt Barnes’ Clown is pretty off-the-wall, too. The timepiece lacks hands; instead, hours and minutes are displayed by means of two red circles on the flange. In addition, the Bubble Clown is 52 millimetres wide, offering the Clown a creative expanse whose breadth is unprecedented in watchmaking. The Clown’s round face fits perfectly into the Bubble’s curved shape, with the magnifying effect of the convex sapphire crystal further accentuating his facial features. 

 “This is our second collaboration with Matt Barnes – his quirky universe is a perfect match for our niche in watchmaking,” concludes Corum CEO Jérôme Biard. “This limited edition makes full use of the creative freedom we allow in our Bubble timepieces. Today, Corum is proud to be serving as a focal point for Matt and other twenty-first century talents – as well as for the collectors who follow them with admirable loyalty.”

Corum – Corum Bubble 47 Digital watch Perfect Clone Online Shopping

Gagnez une Corum Watches On Sale Replica Bubble 47 Digital

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win this beautiful Corum Dollar Watch Replica Bubble 47 Digital watch is answer three questions about Corum. You can find the answers in our dedicated section on the brand.

Nothing regarding the motion or demonstration particularly feels like a logical extension of the Admiral’s Cup DNA. Something like this would make much more sense being in a Romulus collection. It doesn’t seem plausible the relative popularity of the Admiral’s Cup lineup has made it that the breeding ground for almost every new notion Corum wants to release. If they want to examine their own past, Corum will find they’re a brand of excellent design imagination and aesthetic ingenuity. I truly want them to reunite the Admiral’s Cup to some location of a authentic marine or yachting differentiation and make new visual references for bits it needs to include a tourbillon chronograph into.I’ve never really been a lover of watches with aluminum instances due to their fragility. Corum has claimed the aluminum version of the watch has some kind “ceramisation” as a coating to offer the dark grey tone. Is that supposed to imply there’s some kind of ceramic coating in the situation to make it strong? I’m not sure and that isn’t exactly what they say. Although I can say I am further not a massive fan of matte finished grey surfaces for watch cases. In a nutshell I believe Corum has really been missing a design chance with its high-complication piece like this. Save whatever character the Admiral’s Cup collection has abandoned and make it great collection. If it comes to tourbillons or use of novel materials and production practices, perhaps designing a new set is a much better thought than coming up with titles such as “Seafender” that I’m certain that most will assert don’t have any business being paired with a tourbillon to begin with.

The winner will be drawn from all participants who have answered the questions correctly and will be notified by email.

Closing date: January 31st, 2018

Good luck




Corum – Heritage Sublissima Replica At Best Price

Housed in a 38 mm diameter case available in white gold or pink gold, The Heritage Sublissima watch is made for women with an elegant and delicate vision of modernity.

Sourced from the ocean depths, the white mother-of-pearl dial is protected by an antireflective sapphire crystal and ringed with a corolla of 25 diamonds (~6.16 ct).
The automatic movement offers an hour and minute function with gold hands and a 50-hour power reserve.

The Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender is an Admiral’s Cup in case alone. Nothing regarding the motion or presentation particularly feels just like a logical expansion of the Admiral’s Cup DNA. Something like this could make much more sense being within an Romulus collection. It doesn’t seem fair that the comparative prevalence of the Admiral’s Cup line has made it the breeding ground for almost every new notion Corum wants to discharge. If they wish to analyze their own past, Corum will discover that they’re a brand of excellent design creativity and aesthetic ingenuity. I truly want them to reunite the Admiral’s Cup to a location of some authentic marine or yachting differentiation and create new visual references for bits it needs to incorporate a tourbillon chronograph into.I’ve never really been a lover of watches with aluminum instances because of their fragility. Corum has promised the aluminum version of the watch has some type “ceramisation” as a coat to offer you the dark gray tone. Is that supposed to mean there is some kind of ceramic coating on the case to make it strong? I’m unsure and that isn’t exactly what they say. Although I can say I am further not a massive lover of matte finished gray surfaces either for watch cases. In a nutshell I believe Corum has really been missing a layout chance with its high-complication piece in this way. Save whatever character the Admiral’s Cup collection has left and make it amazing collection again. If it has to do with tourbillons or usage of novel materials and production techniques, perhaps designing a new set is a much better thought than coming up with names like “Seafender” that I’m sure most will assert don’t have any firm being paired with a tourbillon to begin with. Price for the Corum Admiral’s Cup Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender watch is 50,900 Euros in the aluminum case, 78,500 Euros from the 18k red gold case, also 225,500 from the 18k red gold case with diamonds.
Heritage Sublissima

Heritage Sublissima, or rose et or blanc © Corum

The precious watches are paired with a black alligator-skin strap with a gold pin buckle, which gives character to the timepiece’s combination of sensitivity and sensuality.
The two Sublissima models are issued in 8 pieces in 18K pink gold and 18 pieces in 18K white gold.

Chronopassion & Corum – The Brand New Coins Replica Watches Buy Online

They are like one of those elusive sea monsters that are whispered about, and glimpsed very occasionally. Rumours float around for years, and they may come to something, or they may not. Laurent Picciotto’s resurrection of the Corum Toboggan Watch Replica Coins is a bit like that. The result could be a wild success or a total flop.
“I started the conversation within Corum around two years ago,” he recalls. “There were changes in management, new plans and other priorities that got in the way, for Corum as a whole and for me. When Jérôme Biard arrived, we resumed the conversation. And our discussions have now concluded.”

There is a great deal of debate on the topic of watches as art. Although a watch should not be art to be of notice, I’m a firm believer in their own capability to straddle the boundaries of purpose, form, and doctrine where appropriate. In the instance of those Corum Bubble watches, it seems to be a brand’s effort at developing a pristine objet d’art. It’s correct, the Corum Bubble watches aren’t really like anything else the brand makes (or similar to anything anyone leaves, for that matter), however they’re intended to be beautiful items, which is something they have in common with different timepieces bearing the Corum logo.The devotion to the world in these bits is unwavering. In my view, this group works simply because it’s so unconcerned with anything but the most loyal realisation of its own unique concept. To make the most of this re-release opportunity, Corum has partnered with famous cymbal manufacturer Paiste. Paiste have been enlisted to make a exceptional dial to get the Corum Bubble Paiste unique edition watch. The dial of the Corum Bubble Paiste is a tiny cymbal made by Paiste at precisely the exact same manner they would earn a full size cymbal. I’m quietly confident it would function as intended were it removed from the housing and attached to some kit, but even if it’s only for show, it seems excellent.

The new Coins

Laurent Picciotto

Man to man

Jérôme Biard is Corum’s new CEO. He has come up through the ranks, having worked for Richemont, and he has extensive experience in international distribution. Not incidentally, he has known Laurent Picciotto for over a decade. His arrival at Corum in the summer of 2017 gave a focus to their relationship and their shared ideas, particularly given that the founder of Chronopassion had been instrumental behind the scenes in orchestrating the return of the Bubble, which has become a pillar of Corum’s identity once again.

One of the ideas that emerged was that of bringing the Coins collection into the 21st century. As matters stand, there are things that we know, and things that we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out. In the first category: yes, Chronopassion and Corum have entered into a concrete collaboration to create a new Coins collection, which will be unveiled in Basel. The series will be made up exclusively of unique pieces. Why? Well, not for marketing reasons, given that their design has been entrusted to an external artist – a talented, disruptive, independent engraver.

The word is that there will be no more than thirty pieces per year. Chronopassion has apparently reserved half of them already for its Paris shop. Laurent Picciotto leaves us with a final hint: “We will be in the same price range as the historic Coins collections.” Which means we can expect the new collection to come in at around €20,000 apiece.

The new Coins

Speculation and fantasy

What we do not yet know is the identity of the artist concerned, and consequently the flavour of the new Coins. “You’d probably be correct in thinking that we won’t be starting out with a limited series dedicated to mimosas,” confides Laurent Picciotto, “Although I have nothing against mimosas per se…”

So we should be prepared for rock-inspired pieces, maybe with a touch of the gothic, skulls perhaps, and possibly some unusual materials, or coins from a specific era or in a specific style. It would be unwise to rule anything out. But we’ll know for sure in Basel, where Corum will unveil the collection’s introductory pieces at its booth. For now, confidence is not in short supply. Laurent Picciotto says he has some clients who “could snap up some or all of them straight away.” And that would be a great shame for the curious bystanders waiting for a glimpse of them in Basel. So you’d better not hang around. Be prepared to pay a visit to the Corum booth on the opening day, and you might just catch a rare sighting.