Limited Edition Watch Series:HYT H0 Silver Replica

Not for the first time, an independent Swiss watches replica online company has decided to reinvigorate its most successful line by creating a simpler, more affordable version of the replica watch that launched it. Just as MB&F did with the LM101 and Greubel Forsey did with the Signature 1, HYT Men’s Replica has created the H0.

Several years after the introduction of the H1, and following several other hydro-mechanical wristreplica watches, each one more experimental than the next, HYT Men’s Replica has decided to revisit the company’s initial concept and tone things down a bit. The H0 (“H-zero”) is a much more conservative product than some of the brand’s most recent projects, like the rectangular H3 or the very bold HYT Skull. And in some ways, it looks like HYT playing it safe. But the company is actually taking a bit of a gamble with this replica watch, and that’s why I wanted to take a closer look here.

Limited Edition Watch Series:HYT H0 Silver Replica

HYT was under no pressure to make something that felt new, but they did, for several reasons. First, because all brands want new customers, even when things are going well, and maybe especially when things are going well. A fresh design at an entry-level price point is a sure way of attracting new interest. Second, because when you’ve decided to go to one extreme, the only way to go is the other extreme.

The biggest challenge HYT has faced since launching in 2012 is getting people to understand how their replica watches work, or, in other words, how their movements push fluids through a transparent capillary (never mind why you’d want a replica watch that displays the time using fluids in the first place). The company managed this using an open-worked dial to its advantage, in order to show the expansion and compression of the bellows that drive the fluid around the dial.


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