A Skeleton Watch-Hublot Aero Bang Replica

Review Hublot excited the watch crafting world with the release of the Aero Bang collection of time pieces. The Aero Bang represents a new style of watch in the Hublot range, in essence it is a skeleton watch, with both the front and the back of the watch showing the movement. This whole idea of a skeleton really sets the watch apart from others in similar prices ranges both within Hublot range and their competitors, signifying something new and fresh which these prestige watch brands had arguably been lacking up till now.

A Skeleton Watch-Hublot Aero Bang Replica

Whilst the watch does have a similar look to that of the Replica Hublot Big Bang watch which was produced a few years prior to the release of this specific piece, it does feature subtle differences. For example it does not represent a big and bold fashion statement which the Big Bang was designed to do, instead it revolves around practicality, with the skeleton design making it easier for the user to actually tell the time, which of course is the whole purpose of a watch, but something which is often forgotten by many designers.

The watch’s practicality also extends further than having an easy to read face, it also features a 42 power reserve which is another great feature for those who may not wear for the watch for extended periods of time, and perhaps best of all is that the Replica Hublot Aero Bang comes in a choice of 3 differing colours. You can choose from All Black, Tungsten, Red Gold Diamonds and Gold Ceramic – so this watch also allows purchasers to customise it to an extent which is always a good option to allow any owner to add a degree of uniqueness to their watch.

Overall the Aero Bang is in my opinion a great watch, offering functionality and comfort, the one downside however is the price tag which inevitably comes with any Hublot watch and if you do wish to own a watch of this design then you may be better served considering an Aero Bang Hublot replica from any range of Hublot replica watches.


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